COVID Policies & Procedures

During what has been a very tough year we have done our very best to limit the disruption to learning for our fantastic students. 

During the initial lockdown and subsequent school closures and periods of isolation for students we have continued education via our virtual learning platform. Our Trust created a platform that has enabled us to deliver over hundreds of lessons to our students every week.

All made possible by our amazing team, our students thirst for education and the support of their families.

We were so happy that the work of Wombourne High School and The Invictus Trust was recognised by a question in the House of Commons (June 2020).  What an achievement.  Please see the clip below.

The documents that follow explain how to use the online platform should you be isolating and require access to virtual lessons.  Below that, you will find a selection of media we have created throughout the year.

Catch Up Plans

Plans to ensure students catch up following national lock-downs are constantly changing and adapting.  The videos below were put together to support Year 11 and their families in 2020-2021.  The document below also outlines in brief some of the schools catch up measures.

Returning to School: