Leadership Team & Subject Leads

Mrs R Thompson (Deputy Headteacher – Progress & Attainment) – RThompson@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Mr A Weatherhogg (Deputy Headteacher – Teaching & Learning) – AWeatherhogg@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Mr J Crook (Senior Assistant Headteacher – Student Support including Safeguarding)- JCrook@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Miss J Hanson (Senior Assistant Headteacher Data Lead) – JHanson@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Mrs J Bevan (Head of Modern Languages ) – JBevan@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Mrs R Blake (Assistant Head – Head of Maths) – RBlake@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Mrs J Brotherton (Head of PE) – JBrotherton@wombournehighschool.co.uk

Mrs L Bannister (Head of Science) - lbannister@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Mr J Carr (Assistant Headteacher – Arts & Design) – JCarr@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Mr S Coggins  (Assistant Headteacher – Careers & Pastoral) – SCoggins@wombournehighschool.co.uk

Mrs L Fellows (Head of English) – LFellows@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Mrs D Khakh (Assistant Head – Pupil Premium & Head of Innovation, People and Society) – DKhakh@wombournehighschool.co.uk


Mr J Riley (Assistant Headteacher – Reporting & Curriculum Provision ) – JRiley@wombournehighschool.co.uk