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Welcome to Science

In Science we help to instil, develop, and encourage a sense of awe and wonder about how our world around us works! We teach with a spiral curriculum so that the key skills and concepts we cover at Key Stage 3 can be developed and built upon as each pupil progresses through the school. Pupils are encouraged to use their investigation skills both within school and at home to help to develop their understanding of the wider world!

In Year 7 we study the 3 disciplines of Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics – in discrete topics across the curriculum. Many Topics will have links between the disciplines, which we encourage pupils to discover for themselves, as they make connections during their own investigations and explanations. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their practical skills throughout their time with us, helping to secure their understanding of the subject content as well as preparing them for future study.

360 Tour

Click on the centre of the image for a 360 tour of our Science department.

Activities & Resources

Click on the links below for a taster of the kind of tasks to expect as a student at our school.

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