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Welcome to Computing

In the first three years at the school, you will all have computer science lessons in which we teach a variety of skills that cover both computer science and iMedia.  Each year is designed so that you experience modules from each subject area in an alternating fashion.  What this means is in each year, you will have an equal amount of computer science and iMedia modules so if you want to continue studying either of these subjects when you get to year 10, you already have a good understanding of what the subjects are about.

In terms of the computer science curriculum, we teach a variety of topics that cover different aspects of computing such as computer systems, which includes learning about hardware and software and how computers actually work, computational thinking which, although it sounds complicated is actually learning about how computers process things in a logical way and you will learn how to create algorithms (step by step instructions).  You will also learn how to program using a variety of languages and will put these into practice using software such as scratch, which you may have experience of already, IDLE which uses python and Dreamweaver to create html pages. You will also learn how to use different office applications effectively such as presentation, word processing and spreadsheet software.

In iMedia modules, you can show off your creative side when you learn how to create digital graphics, using combinations of vector and bitmap graphics.  You will learn how to create animations, develop your html skills, focusing on the design and layout of websites and make video games, all using appropriate software.  Throughout these iMedia modules, you will learn the process of media product production using the plan, design, create and review format.  Examples of software you will use within iMedia include Photoshop, Animate, Dreamweaver and Game Maker.  Similarly to Computer Science, you will also learn how to use different office applications effectively such as presentation and word processing applications.

We hope that by studying these topics, you will have sufficient knowledge and skills to help you easily transition to our key stage four qualifications of Computer Science GCSE and Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia should you choose to do so. Even if you don’t choose to continue studying these subjects later on in school, our main aim is for you to have fun and enjoy your learning during your time in our lessons.

360 Tour

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Activities & Resources

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