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During Year 7 students are taught three essential units, Character construction, Thematic analysis and English over time. Within these unit students are exposed to a wide range of extracts from both pre and post 19th Century texts, literary text types and non-fiction and fiction. The rationale being that by the end of this year all students will have a basic foundation of the key aspects of literature and language study that are essential to access and non-fiction or fiction text higher up the school. Students are consistently taught how writers present aspects in fiction or non fiction texts and then are given the opportunity to re-recreate these themselves refining their own creative skills and re-aligning the balance between reading and writing skills.


As a school we aim to install a love of reading and in light of this a lesson a fortnight is dedicated to reading. During this time students read a whole class text and have some time to read independently as we aim to reinforce a love of literature.

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Activities & Resources

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