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Summer School 2021 Report

All of our new Year 7 students (Year 7 2021 – 2022) were invited to our Summer School that ran from 22nd to 28th July 2021.  139 students attended the Year 7 Summer School.

Students in Year 7 to Year 10 (2020-2021 academic year) were invited to take part in a Performing Arts Summer School that ran from 26th July to 30th July 2021.  31 students attended the Performing Arts Summer School.


Year 7 Summer School

Morning session included academic core lessons in English, Maths and MFL. 

Students used the Marcus Rashfood book You are a Champion as part of the English work, reading the remainder of the book over the summer.  The first part of the Year 7 curriculum built on that work.

In Maths, students were introduced to the Hegarty Maths program and were provided with tasks for over the summer holiday to help their continued learning.


Afternoon sessions in the summer school were more practical based, with lessons in DT, Science and PE. 


Students really enjoyed these active sessions, using Bunsen Burners in Science, saws and traditional woodwork equipment in DT and taking part in a variety of Sports.

Daily assemblies, competitions, a mini-sports day event, team building and orientation activities enhanced the week.


Performing Arts Summer School

Due to Covid restrictions Performing Arts activities have been restricted in recent times. 

Students with a passion for Performing Arts were given the opportunity to spend a week building on their music, drama and dance skills.  The students were able to work in groups to develop pieces that they then performed on the last day of the summer school.


One of the pieces from the summer school, from the musical Annie, has since been performed to larger audiences.

Students attending the Performing Arts summer school now have more confidence that they can opt for these subjects in KS4.

Summer School Costing

The cost of running the two summer schools was £31 299

  •       Staff cost: £27 590

  •       Catering: £533

  •       Activity equipment (Gong Dark theatre services): £160

  •       Resources: £3016

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