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Wombourne Students Celebrate GCSE Results

A huge congratulations to Wombourne High School GCSE Students, fantastic results that are truly well deserved. 81% of students have achieved a grade 4 or higher in at least 5 subjects, with 49% achieving at least one grade 7 or equivalent.

Incredibly, 19% of our students have 5 or more subjects graded at 7+. Wombourne High School students worked extremely hard towards their GCSE qualifications and we are immensely proud of them.

There are many students who stand out, these include Isabel Porter who achieved 8 grade 9s and Finlay Murphy who achieved 6 grade 9s. The highest levels of progress was seen in the excellent results achieved by Kabilraj Rajsanger, Jade Clark, Ethan Causer and Jacob Haggart.

In addition to fantastic exam results, this year group is marked by qualities of resilience, determination, kindness and empathy, that are no less valuable than their amazing academic achievements.

Congratulations to all our fantastic students.

Gemma Smith, Headteacher

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