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GCSE Results Success!

Left to right: Kai Williams, Alexander Grindley, Lillie Perry, Daisy Fisher and Caitlin McTighe

A huge congratulations to Wombourne High School GCSE students, fantastic results that are truly well deserved. Incredibly, 48% of students have achieved at least one grade 7 or equivalent, 16% of students have achieved five grade 7 or equivalent and 71% of students have achieved a grade 4 or higher in at least 5 subjects.

Wombourne High School students worked extremely hard towards their GCSE qualifications and we are immensely proud of them. The students consistently demonstrated valuable qualities of resilience, determination and positivity.

There are many students who stand out, these include Alexander Grindley who achieved 6 grade 9s, Thea Blakemore, Caitlin McTighe and Lillie Perry who achieved 5 grade 9s, and Sam Barker and Kai Williams who achieved 4 grade 9s. The highest levels of progress were achieved by Daisy Fisher, Lillie Perry and Jenson Nicholls.

Congratulations to all our fantastic students.

Gemma Smith


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