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Careers advice 

At Wombourne High,  we are working with Peter Small from

The YETI Ltd as our careers advisor

Careers expert Peter Small is supporting pupils across Staffordshire as they prepare for adult life.

Peter has founded The YETI Ltd to offer bespoke careers advice in partnerships with schools and colleges.

“Having worked for several years as a careers advisor in the public sector, I recognised there was a need for more specialised, tailored career advice,” explained Peter. “YETI – Youth Education and Training Initiative – works with senior school staff to develop bespoke, knowledge based programmes for pupils.

“I use a research based approach, analysing job prospects and trends, so that we can give evidence based advice on what career opportunities will be available when pupils complete their education.”


Peter has recently developed programmes for pupils at Wombourne High, working with our Year 11 Students, and has even switched to offering bespoke virtual meetings during the pandemic to ensure our students are still getting the support they want. 

Mr Coggins, who is currently driving the whole school careers plan has said;

“The advice and guidance we are getting from Pete at YETI is enabling us to develop and build a bespoke careers programme that will benefit our students for years to come. YETI delivers independent up to date careers information, advice and guidance which is relevant to our students. And as an ex-Ounsdale student he is in a unique position to fully understand our students needs, drives and ambitions. We are absolutely delighted to be working with him."

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