Invictus Sixth Wombourne Campus Students Celebrate Incredible Results!

Wombourne High School Campus

A massive well done to all our students at Wombourne High School, 100% A-level/BTEC pass rate, 34% of results at A*/A grade.  We are proud of all of our students and the resilience they have had to show in these challenging times.  However, a special mention goes to Katie Abbott who has achieved A* in all of her subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Psychology), an outstanding achievement.  We wish all of our students best wishes as they take the next step onto University courses and apprenticeships.

Mrs Stokes – Head of Invictus Sixth Wombourne Campus

Kiera’s Animal Rescue

Last week whilst on a short walk, Kiera came across an injured pigeon. It has clearly been attacked by something given the number of feathers it had lost which were all over the place and it had taken refuge under a nearby bush.

On closer inspection, Kiera found that the bird was still alive but unable to fly and it seemed to be in shock, so Kiera carefully wrapped it up in a coat and brought it home with them. She knew that she couldn’t leave him there as flightless birds will most certainly die in the wild (and likely under very horrible circumstances too)

When they got home, they placed him into a large box with the lid open – allowing him to fly off if able, but unfortunately, the pigeon didn’t move at all (nor make a sound). The bird simply lay there blinking at them. They didn’t want to mess with him too much as they knew he was likely in a lot of pain, so they simply soothed him with gentle strokes to his head, which he seemed to really appreciate. He didn’t try to peck at them or getaway so I think he understood that they were trying to help him.

They knew that he needed more help than the could give, but knowing that a vet would likely just put him to sleep, they didn’t want that to be their first option…so instead, they called around various animal rescue centres to see if they would take him and treat/rehabilitate him. All was looking lost when eventually one centre (Cuan Wildlife Rescue) said they’d take him in.

Kiera and her dad carefully padded the coat and put extra padding around the pigeon (to prevent too much movement on the journey) and then they made the trip to Shropshire with their new feathered friend to help him get the care and medical treatment he needed.

Sadly the pigeon died from his injuries the following day but they did all we could to save him. If nothing else, he was able to see his final hours out in peace and in caring hands instead of scared, alone and in pain.

Despite the outcome not being as they hoped, it wouldn’t stop them doing the same again. Over the years whilst growing up, Kiera has seen her family make other rescues to birds, hedgehogs and bees, but this was HER first active role in a rescue for herself and it meant a lot to her.

Whilst her dad called around the various rescue centres, Kiera stayed with the bird…gently talking to it and soothing it, ensuring it came to no further harm. She then wanted to take the bird to the rescue centre with her dad. It would seem she is a natural in wanting to help! We couldn’t be more proud! 🙂 She is sad the bird didn’t make it, but happy she did all she could to make his last hours more comfortable.

If anyone else should come across any orphaned/injured wildlife and you can’t deal with the situation yourselves, please do consider contacting this centre for help: They were amazing and they rely solely on donations!

Well done to Kiera for performing this thoughtful act of kindness and to her family for sending in this amazing story!

School Minister Recognises Invictus Schools Contribution

On Monday 6th July we had the absolute pleasure of receiving a letter from Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System, Barroness Berridge of the Vale of Catmose!

In the letter the Baroness thanked us for our response to the lockdown following the Covid-19 outbreak. Most satisfying is the specific nature of the recognition; in the letter, which can be found on the link at the bottom of the article, Baroness Berridge commends our online learning platform which has seen hundreds of thousands of student attendance in the past 3 months, you can click here to see our celebratory videos and virtual learning statistics. The Baroness also praised the support we gave to our most vulnerable students, to ensure they have the technology required to access our online platform. There is also a mention for our innovative and comprehensive solution to supporting year 6 children with transition to our schools with our virtual tour and inductions.

The reason we have worked tirelessly during this period is because as Invictus Value One states: Every day, in every way, our students come first, but we do welcome recognition, especially from such a key figure in education.

We certainly feel the praise is well deserved for everyone within the Invictus community, our teachers, support staff, parents, carers and of course students. We are all passionate to continue working collaboratively and effectively in the coming months as we hopefully return to a situation a little more familiar!

Letter to Invictus Education Trust 3 July 2020

Invictus Vision, Mission and Values – Our Culture

Ms Dean’s Guide to VE Day!

Hi Everyone,


I hope that you guys are well and are staying safe.

This Friday marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day marked the end of fighting in Europe during the Second World War – which had lasted nearly 6 years. On 7th May 1945, Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio that Germany had officially surrendered and he announced that as of the next day, the 8th May, this would be a national (bank) holiday in Britain. People held parties, danced and sang in the streets. Huge crowds gathered in London, both on Whitehall to hear Churchill speak and outside Buckingham Palace where King George VI and the Royal Family appeared on the balcony.

Over the years people have celebrated and remembered this event in many different ways.  Miss Read (History teacher at Crestwood) and I have been talking and think that it would be great if you guys could also celebrate this day- we certainly will (albeit in a safe, socially distanced way).

This year I have planned a VE day picnic in my garden and have made a window display out of paper poppies and soldiers.  I even attempted to make some bunting using my sewing machine!  

We have put together some information on the history of WW2 and VE Day and also some ideas of what you, your family and people at home can be doing/creating/watching/writing/baking/growing to commemorate this event.

VE Day Tasks Wombourne

VE Day information

Staff have also shared their ideas of VE Day activities and what they’ll be doing on Friday!

All of the History department are planning to have picnics in the garden with their families:

Miss Shelton has been making bunting.  You can download instructions from:

Mr Weatherhogg  has already created his window display.  He has included bunting and pictures that he has downloaded from the internet. 

Miss Davies is planning a picnic and video calls with her family.  She is also planning to observe the 2 minutes silence from her front door. 

There are so many things for you to try at home! Why not have a go and send us your creations and ideas?? We would love to create something from them! Staff will also be sharing their finished products.  Feel free to upload any pictures to our Facebook page. 

Enjoy VE Day and take care.

Ms Dean 

Rainbow Artwork Raising Funds

One of our amazing Year 8 students has been making mini-rainbows to be displayed in cars and windows to raise money for the NHS. She has raised £20 so far and she has been selling the rainbows for 50p each.  Well done!

Jekyll & Hyde Performance for Year 11

Big Brum Theatre in Education came to visit us on Thursday 27th February to perform for our Year 11 GCSE students.

Big Brum’s production of ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ adapted by Chris Cooper is a powerful drama, rich in imagery that illuminates the themes at the heart of Stevenson’s complex text. Themes such as identity, good and evil, love and hate knowledge and ethics, power and responsibility, and what makes us human. However hard you try to hide your feelings, you can never truly hide them forever…

The performance was arranged as a way of assisting the year 11 students with their understanding of the plot, characters and themes from the Victorian novella Jekyll and Hyde. This proved to be a highly beneficial experience for them in preparation for their forthcoming literature mocks and GCSEs.



MMR Vaccinations

The rise in the incidence of measles and mumps is directly linked to the fall-off in Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination rates.  In order to address this worrying situation, NHS England and NHS Improvement have announced a school based MMR catch up programme.   This will commence from March 2020 for children in school years 8, 9 and 10 who are deemed eligible by missing one or both doses of MMR.

The link below provides information about measles and the benefits of the MMR vaccine

Department for Education – Coronavirus Advice for Parents/Carers

Advice for parents/guardians

You should not be unduly worried about the possibility of your children catching the Coronavirus.

There is no reason why your children should not continue to attend their early years, school or further education setting as normal.

We recognise that some families or children may be planning to travel to China during the forthcoming half term period. If so, please refer to the FCO’s latest travel advice via the link above.

What action you can take

A UK wide campaign has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

Please help to support the campaign which promotes basic hygiene practices, such as regularly washing hands and always sneezing into a tissue, to stem the spread of viruses.

Latest information and advice can also be found at:

Click Here

NHS Careers Show Visit

A group of our students visited a careers show at Stafford Show Ground ,taking part in activities to inspire and inform them about the 350 jobs within the NHS from dentists to paramedics and business administration.

Rodbaston College Trip

Some of our students were taken to Rodbaston Campus South Staffs College To find out about courses in Equine and animal management/veterinary career paths. They were taken on a tour and were able to watch students applying bandaging to horses and see a variety of animals from meerkats to primates being cared for by students and they were able to speak to tutors about work involved in Equine and animal care with opportunities for work experience.

Wombourne High School Year 7 Student to Play County Cricket!

We have fantastic news, Year 7 student, Megan Day has been selected to represent Staffordshire County Cricket Under 13’s Girls Team!

Megan was nominated by her club, Beacon Cricket Club, to attend a trial earlier in the month at Brewood Cricket Club. 41 talented youngsters attended the trial all attempting to make the final 26 player squad for the 2020 season.

We are DELIGHTED to announce that Megan made the squad! Megan was the youngest player to trial and she had to work incredibly hard to impress the coaches given her age, but impress she did and she will be lining up to play the likes of Shropshire, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Derbyshire next season!

We are all immensely proud of Megan’s achievements and cannot wait to see how many wickets Megan takes next year with her superb spin bowling!

Megan dreams of playing cricket for England one day and we all truly believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Train to Teach with Us!

Are you searching for a route into teaching? Or do you know of someone who is?

Whether it is Primary or Secondary education you are interested in.

Join us at Woodrush Community Hub on Wednesday 6th November at 6:00-7:30pm!

Discover your teaching potential and receive expert advice by attending this event. This open evening covers topics from how to apply to the interview process; advice available on a 1-1 individual basis.

For more information regarding this event, please contact

Click Here to view the flyer for the open evening.

Be Aware That You Must Book To Attend This Event.

Secretary of State for Education Visits Wombourne High School!

We are so pleased to have had a great visit today from our local MP & Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Gavin Williamson! Mr. Williamson was most impressed with the school and our students, taking time to visit lessons and host a discussion with our student leaders.

Wombourne High School Headteacher, Dr Gemma Smith, added: ‘It was a real honour to welcome such a prestigious guest, Mr. Williamson was genuinely excited about the direction the school is heading, especially the progress of our new block’

There is a gallery of the visit on the school Facebook Page.


2020 Admission News – Make WHS your First Choice!

Applying for a Year 7 place in our school for September 2020 admission:

You must apply for your child’s place at Wombourne High School via your own Local Authority.

Your Local Authority Admissions is open from 2 September to 31 October 2019.

You should apply for your child’s place by 31 October 2019.

We have lots of students attending Wombourne High School from other surrounding areas of Dudley, Shropshire & Wolverhampton.

Your child is guaranteed a place if we are your 1st choice.

The easiest way to apply is online. See your relevant link below and call us if you require any further information or would like to come in and see us:

Wombourne Open Evening a Huge Success

On Thursday 19th September staff and students at Wombourne High School welcomed prospective students and their families to the school.

Hundreds upon hundreds of year 6 students explored all areas of the school including a welcome from headteacher, Dr. Gemma Smith, a number of extraordinary students spoke on stage to a packed out auditorium and student leaders and volunteers held demonstrations and exhibitions all around the school.

Some gruesome dissections in science along with the odd (CONTROLLED) explosion and a historical photobooth in humanities were just a couple of highlights from a wonderful night.

Dr. Smith would like to thank all those that attended and to the students that acted as exemplary hosts and tour guides, the final thank you must go to the wonderful team of staff that go above and beyond to create such a fantastic event!

A gallery of the evening can be found on the school Facebook Page


Wombourne High School Students Receive 2019 GCSE Results!

Wombourne High School GCSE Results 2019

Many congratulations to Wombourne High School students on a fantastic set of GCSE exam results.  70% of students passed both GCSE Maths and English (National average 59%).  41% of students gained at least one grade 7 (A+ grade).

A special well done for amazing results go to Josh Morris (6 GCSEs at grade 9, 4 at grade 8 and Further Maths at grade A) and George Taylor (4 GCSEs at grade 9, 4 at grade 8, 2 at grade 7 and Further Maths at grade A*).  Many congratulations to all of our students who have worked incredibly hard and achieved so highly, we are very proud of your achievements.

Mr Tony Bowles, Invictus Education Trust CEO, added: ‘Another fantastic set of results across the Trust which further confirms our collaborative approach is providing excellent outcomes for the most important people, our students!

Congratulations to each and every one of our students receiving their GCSE results today. There are some incredible performances across our Trust, in terms of both attainment and progress. An area of our results that would like to bring to your attention is the amount of grade 9’s our students have achieved. It is easy to see a grade 9 as an A* equivalent, but it is more than that. Students receiving a grade 9 in any given subject can classify themselves as ‘in the top 2% in the country’! This is a truly remarkable achievement and one of many areas of our results I take great pride in.

Our students always have and always will come first, but I would like to personally thank the staff across our Trust, who go above and beyond on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis to provide outstanding environments for our students to excel in.

I look forward to welcoming many of our students back in September as part of the Invictus Sixth Form’

For anyone that would like to learn more about our Trust please come to visit us at one or more of our open evenings. All details are available on our website or call to arrange a visit on 01384 686586

Please visit the Invictus Facebook page for gallery

Incredible A Level Results at Invictus 6th Wombourne Campus

Invictus 6th Wombourne Campus Another incredible year for our students, with 37% of all grades being at  A or A*, 50% being A*- B and 72% A*-C! We are proud of all Invictus 6th Wombourne Campus students for the incredible effort and hard work they dedicated to achieving their exam successes . We must, however, mention the exceptional results of several students: Luke Baynham achieved Grade A* in Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics and Grade A in Chemistry. He will be heading off to Oxford University to read Mathematics. Lauren Baldwin achieved Grade A in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and will go on to study Medicine at Birmingham University. Caitlin Oakley achieved Grade A in History, Psychology and Art & Design and also a Grade A for her Extended Project qualification. She will progress on to Birmingham University to read History.

Director of Invictus 6th, Jane Kendrick added: ‘I am incredibly proud of the tremendous achievements of Invictus Sixth Form students this summer. Building on huge success from last year, 27% of all results achieved in 2019 are at A* or A grade with more than 70% of results at grade C or above.

The hard work and dedication of our wonderful students and committed teachers has resulted in our students gaining places on highly competitive courses at some of the most prestigious universities in the country such as Oxford, Birmingham and Warwick. As they embark on the next chapter of their education, we wish them well and look forward to hearing about their future successes and career plans.

For Year 11 students about to start their final year of GCSEs and who wish to join our success, please call 01384 686558 or email for more information. Our Sixth Form open evening will be held at the Copthorne Hotel, Waterfront, Dudley on Wednesday 13th November between 6.00 to 9.00pm. All students and parents/carers are welcome to attend.

Wombourne High School

From September 2019 Ounsdale High School will become Wombourne High School.

This is an exciting time for the school, which is really moving forward and seeing students achieve fantastic academic, sporting and musical success.

We have a new reception, a brand new 10 classroom teaching block will be opened in the 2019-2020 academic year, and other improvements to the site are planned. A new name for an exciting time in the school’s history, a unique time when a significant amount of funding has been spent on school improvements. Funding that has been made available to us because we are a member of a successful Multi Academy Trust

Although historic, Ounsdale is not a well-known area, and as the sole high school located within the wider area of Wombourne we are proud to be associated with the village, the change of name will reflect this.

Our students are at the heart of all we do, and we want the very best for them. Wombourne High School’s key values of hard work, positivity and kindness are epitomised in the way our students work and behave.

As Ounsdale High School becomes Wombourne High School we know that the students will continue to thrive and go from strength to strength.

Wombourne High School is part of the Invictus Education Trust. A trust that every day, in every way, puts the students first. Providing unique challenges for students to seize. Being part of the Invictus Trust has afforded students a variety of opportunities, such as sailing, golf, clay pigeon shooting, ballet with The Royal Ballet Company, musical performances at the Royal Albert Hall and a choir tour of Germany.

Last week we held a photo shoot for next years prospectus and students modelled the new uniform, throughout the day over 100 students wore the uniform and the feedback from them was excellent.

We ask for your continued support and positivity at this time, particularly in recognising and celebrating our student’s accomplishments.

Click here for our Uniform Policy, including details of how it will be phased in.

MFL Bake Off

Year 7 students got us all in the mood for Easter by taking part in the first Ounsdale High School Great MFL Bake Off. From macarons to Spanish themed cup cakes, French parmiers biscuits, French flags made of icing sugar, gooey pineapple cake to German apple cake and lots of edible glitter! A fantastic array of creativity, baking skills and above all excellent effort.

All competitors received a certificate and a WOW work and the 4 winners recieved Easter eggs.

And not only were our Y7’s stars but the whole event was managed by a small group of Y9 & Y10 students who used their enthusiasm and excellent organisational skills to create a very memorable occasion. Thanks also go to our judges who had the difficult task of choosing our winners.

Congratulations to Alfie Thistle, Daisy Aston, Dominique Mill-Klee and Layla Causer.

Food Appeal 2019

A huge thank you to all students staff and parents for donating to the food appeal. Good Shepherd Ministries came today to collect the food and were very grateful for what they received.

Cross Country Championships

We are so proud of year 9 student Noah Sandland for representing Staffordshire Schools in the English Schools Cross Country Championships recently.  The course was tough and the conditions were bad and despite him being ill just prior, he gave it 110% and ran a great first half of the race . He finished a respectful 304 out of 350 of the fastest 13/14 yr olds in the country which is amazing!!


Food Appeal 2019

During the weeks commencing 1st April and 8th April Mrs Blake is organising our annual Food Appeal. This is the 7th year Ounsdale will be giving back to the community by collecting donations of food for those in need in Wolverhampton.

We are asking that each pupil brings in at least one tin of food during the two weeks before Easter; these will be collected during tutor time and taken to Good Shepherd Ministries in Wolverhampton who on an average day feed 200 people.

Severe Weather – Information for Parents and Students

Every attempt will be made to keep Ounsdale High School open during inclement weather.

In the event of severe snow a decision to close the school will normally be made by the Headteacher based on information received from media weather forecasts and from Ounsdale staff that live locally to the school.  Factors involved in reaching a decision include:

  • Access to the school for students
  • Confidence that sufficient staff can travel safely to work
  • Operation of essential school services (for example heating, water supplies, food provision)

If a decision is made to close the school parents will be informed by a text message, where possible this will be sent before 7:00 am.  In addition, information will be posted on the school web-site.

We appreciate that the earlier decisions are made the easier it is for families to make suitable arrangements.  However, please be aware that weather conditions and predictions can change fairly quickly and this can effect decision making.

In the event that the school would need to close during the school day a text message will be sent to parents with clear instructions on collection arrangements.

Grease Tickets On Sale

The time is getting closer to our anticipated annual show – Grease! Tickets can be purchased here

Students and staff work extremely hard to make our annual show something not to be missed so it would be amazing to have your support.

There will be a bar and refreshments open during the interval, making each performance the perfect night out.

Card Design Highly Commended

Out of all the fabulous Christmas Card entries from Ounsdale High School one really stood out. A big congratulations to … Mischa Solomon. She was highly commended for her effort and design of her Chinese themed Christmas card. Very well done Mischa!


Cross Country Superstar

A HUGE Well Done to Year 9 student, Noah Sandland, who represented Staffordshire Schools this weekend in the Inter County Cross Country Championships in Cheshire. Noah powered through wind, rain, cold and mud and came 46th out of 124 and was the 4th Staffordshire boy home out of 16. Congratulations Noah… what an amazing achievement!

Your Guide to WISE

We have created a short useful video to help you use our learning platform, WISE.

Please click on the video link below to access, we hope that you find it helpful.

Operation Christmas Child

Once again, Ounsdale is joining the annual Operation Christmas Child Appeal run by Samaritan’s Purse. ‘Operation Christmas Child’ has the power to change lives. Every year, people of all ages fill shoe boxes with Christmas toys, games, toiletries etc. and these are distributed to needy children around the world. Last year, with the help of thousands of volunteers, boxes from the U.K. were delivered to 13 countries and nearly 1.3 million children received a shoe box filled with gifts – in most cases the only present these children will ever receive! If you would like to join in, please pick up a leaflet from Miss Cameron in the library or your tutor. Filled shoeboxes need to be brought to the library by Monday 12th November.

Ounsdale Goes Sailing!

Perks of being part of Invictus 😉Today some of our students are over at Himley lake getting to grips with sailing using our Invictus boats, they could potentially be competing in competitions next year!

Published Authors!

So back during Enrichment Week these 3 students written a short piece of fiction, which they entered into the Young Writers Stranger Saga’s competition where their work has been chosen to be published!

Germany Tour

Invictus Education Trust will be going on tour to The Rhineland, 8th – 13th July 2019! The tour will be an unforgettable opportunity for ensemble members to perform in exciting venues together, supporting their musical learning! Interested in going? Head over to Mr Wykes to find out more and grab a letter!

Open Evening Success

Just WOW! We’ve had an absolute fantastic and busy night showing off the Ounsdale kingdom to prospective students and parents! Brilliant presentations by the Headteacher, Invictus CEO and students that packed out the Ounsdale Theatre 3 times! Couldn’t make it tonight? No problem, get in touch to arrange a tour of the school!

Ounsdale Choir

Mighty fine voices at choir rehearsal today! Fancy joining? then get yourself over to room 34 every Thursday lunch time 12.30 – 12.50pm!

Macmillan Cancer Support

It’s Monday, the sun is out, Ounsdale is back! What more could you want? A fundraiser that’s what. THIS FRIDAY Ounsdale will be fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support so we invite staff and students to wear an item of green to school and donate just £1. Delicious cakes we be on sale during break by room 21 so hurry over because they will sell fast! No one should face cancer alone.

Enrichment Clubs

Academic studies are important of course, but so are enrichment opportunities! Our weeks are absolutely packed with fun enrichment clubs for our students to get involved in! Take a look at our lunch time and after school enrichment time table!

PE Clubs

We’ve discovered some promising sporting stars over the years and we are certain we will discover many more! Take a look at our extra-curricular time table for PE and get involved! Exceed your potential, the only limit is yourself!


I’ve got chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiills! This is going to be epic! GREASE REHEARSALS for the whole cast this Thursday after school in the Ounsdale theatre! 3.15 – 4.30pm!


Awards Evening

We just love celebrating student’s achievements here at Ounsdale, and tonight’s one of those nights as we welcome parents/carers, family and friends of last years year 9 & 10s into the Ounsdale theatre for an evening of celebrating the wonderful students who consistently go above and beyond!


Year 11’s @ NCS

So the feedback is in from our previous year 11’s who took park in NCS over the summer break.. we wish we were there! Students got to surf, paddle board, jump off a cliff, camp, meet new people, develop vital life skills, volunteer and fundraise money! If you are ages 15-17, we highly recommend checking this out!

Luke’s Charity Trek

This is exactly why we are so proud to have students like Luke at Ounsdale. On 21st July Luke travelled to Snowdonia to take part in a charity trek up Snowdon! He smashed the gruelling 10 mile trek up Miners Track to the summit, and then down the Llanberis path on the return leg! Luke raised a grand total of £350 for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital!!

Noah represents England

Get the tissues ready for a proud moment! Our very own Noah competed in the School Games 2018 last weekend at Loughborough University! Over 3 days Noah, along with a 1000 other athletes from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland attended seminars, activities, training and an Opening Ceremony. On the second day he competed in the National Laser Run final representing Midlands England and finished 5th in the individual Under 14 boys event!! What an absolute inspiration! He summed up the experience with the word “wow”.. that’s what we are all saying now after hearing such amazing news! Well done Noah!

We are back!

Guess who’s back! Ounsdale has hit the ground running today as we have welcomed our new Year 7 and 12 students to the family, and not forgetting our existing students! We have an absolute action packed year ahead of us so be sure to check our social media pages and website daily for updates on our exciting adventure! A new year can only mean one thing.. the Ounsdale House Championship starts again! Fiennes finished last year off by winning the prestigious double: sports day and the championship! It’s all to play for as we go full steam ahead into the new academic year with a new headteacher, new championship, new buildings being built and a new school website is on its way! We will also be posting regular updates and photos on the schools transformation so watch this space!


First day back!

So Ounsdale is getting fired up and ready to go for the start of another year and an exciting new era for everyone! Here is all the infomation about timings that our students will need to know for the first day back!
School re-opens to students on Wednesday 5th September and students should arrive at the following times:
8:45am School opens for Year 7 and Year 12
9:45am School opens for Year 8
10:05am School opens for Year 11 (English / Maths Intervention lesson)
10:15am School opens for Year 9
11:00am School opens for Year 10
11:05am Break for all except Year 10
11:20am Year 11 assembly
11:45am School opens for Year 13
School coaches will run to their normal timetable on the first day and students who come in by coach and arrive early should bring a reading book and report to the dining room

GCSE Success!

Ounsdale student amongst best in the country

Alex Jones of Ounsdale High School celebrates today after receiving GCSE results that place him amongst the top 200 -900 students in the country.

Alex achieved the top Grade 9 in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, French, Computing along with an A* in Business Studies and an A* with Distinction in Further Maths.

A fantastic achievement – well done Alex

Ounsdale students achieve well-deserved success as new grades published

Students and staff were celebrating today as the wait for the new GCSE results ended

Headteacher Christine Brown said today how proud she was of everyone involved in this year’s examination journey given that there has been so much uncertainty. It has been one of the most challenging and stressful years for staff, students and parents who have waited anxiously to see what the changes to GCSE examinations will mean for them.

Ounsdale staff and Governors are delighted with the successes of all of their students and their resilience in coping with such a challenging year. We wish them all every success for the future.

Sixth Form Celebrations

Congratulations to Ounsdale’s fantastic Sixth Form students on your many successes. All good wishes for the future and keep striving to be the best that you can be in  everything that you do. 

Best wishes 

Staff and Governors

Top Performers 2018

Emma Venables                Dist *, Dist *, A, B

Kiri Green                           A*, B, B

Phoebe Warner                Dist, Dist, B

Adam Owen                       Dist*, Dist*, C, C

Rosie Foulkes                     Dist*, Dist, C

Amandeep Sidhu              A, A, C

Rhiannon Shipley             A, B, B

Alicia Phillips Bullock       Dist*, B, C

School Is Out!

So that’s it, Ounsdale is going to take a rest for the summer before we come back and start another exciting year!

Fiennes finish the year in style by taking the house championship!

See our summer newsletter below!

Have a great summer and stay safe!

Newsletter – Summer 2018

Enrichment Week

Wow, now that’s how you do enrichment week! One to remember! What a week its’s been here! We have had trips, tons activities and sports days going on! So tomorrow we hold our End of Year Celebration assembly where we will take a look back at our fantastic year, listen to some of our top singers, congratulate births and marriages and of course say our good byes to staff who are flying away from the Ounsdale nest! The Ounsdale House Championship Results are in!!! Tomorrow we will find out who has claimed the title!

Ice-creams on us!

The past 2 Fridays we have rounded off the week by awarding our year 7 and 8 pupils with less than 3 yellow cards to ice-creams, so guess what we did today! Year 9 and 10 had their turn to be rewarded for their fabulous efforts over the year! We are so lucky to have a school full of wonderful students! Well done!

Ounsdale Rocks!

So Team Ounsdale made it through to the Grand Final of the Maths TTrockstars competition! Our rockstars battled it out with around 50 other schools to make it though to the knock out rounds and went all the way to the grand final where we finished a strong fighting 4th! We wont be enjoying the world cup final but we certainly enjoyed todays! You’ve done us proud!


A Stylish Send Off

Year 11, your time as a secondary school student is over, as you grow older you will look back and reminisce on your school days. Cherish the memories and friends you have gained along the way. What a send off prom was for you! A perfect way to celebrate all the hard work you have put in over the years. You all looked amazing! We will certainly miss you being a part of our school community, and we look forward to welcoming many of you into the Sixth Form to continue your journey to success!

Ladies and gentlemen, our Ounsdale Prom King & Queen 2018, we give you, Jonathan Young & Cody Allen!

The prom photos are starting to come through and WOW they look amazing! Huge thanks once again to Sam Carpenter Photography & Design for coming along and taking such stunning photos! The rest of the photos will be uploaded to on Saturday for parents to view and purchase!

See you all on the 23rd August for results day!

Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.


That’s that! Invictus Games are over for another year! Team Ounsdale came a strong fighting 2nd in todays event and 3rd in the overall games.. WOW! Huge congratulations to them and a massive thank you to our sporting leaders, without them this would never of happened! #teamounsdale

Schools Athletics Meetings

Following on from some fantastic performances representing Ounsdale at the Schools Athletics Meetings, a number of our talented Y7 and 8 athletes were selected to represent Cannock District Squad at Tamworth Sports Stadium on Wednesday 27th June across a variety of events for their age groups. Despite it being one of the hottest days of the year, all the students put in fantastic performances which, when combined, led to the Cannock team being the winning team overall in the points table – fantastic!!
Well done to each and every one of them, they are a credit to themselves and Ounsdale.
Also, a special shout out of thanks must go to to all the parents who transported and supported all our athletes on the day THANK YOU!!!
Mrs Brotherton


As a result of circumstances beyond our control we have had to consolidate the two nights planned for the Ounsdale’s Greatest Show Event into one and have chosen Tuesday 3rd July as the night for this concert. We are hoping that those who have booked tickets for Wednesday will be available to attend on Tuesday and tickets will be transferred automatically to seats on the same row (as far as possible). However, anyone who has bought tickets for Wednesday and is unable to attend on Tuesday will be eligible for a full refund. If you have booked seats for Wednesday and are unable to attend on Tuesday please contact us and we will arrange a refund
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Feeling hot hot hot!

Its set to be a belter of a week with the sun blazing down on Ounsdale, speaking of blazing, students are welcome to leave blazers at home this week (ties must be worn)

Hydrate, motivate, feel great. Bring a bottle of water with you!

Sporting Congratulations

Wow! What a way to start the week! Huge congratulations to Phoebe and Mia two of our Y9 netball players on successfully securing a place in the South Staffordshire County Netball Squad from September. Both girls already represent the school and Libra Lea Netball Club so this is a fantastic step towards them continuing their journey in the netball world. Well done girls.

No Boundaries

So today we have had the Digital Team from the England and Wales Cricket Board to interview our very own Mr Askin. They were here to ask some questions for a series of videos called ‘No Boundaries’, showing the stories behind our international cricketers!

How do we inspire students to be the very best they can be? By having truly inspirational members of staff to help nurture their abilities and talents. Just like our very own Mr Askin, who has just been called up for the England squad for the Vitality IT20 Physical Disability Tri-Series! Check this article out!


Erasmus+ Bake Off

In Spring 2018, all of our Y8 students took part in this wonderful event.
On a rota basis, over several weeks, each class made cakes using a recipe in French or Spanish.
They decorated the cakes then worked out how much they had cost. Then they held a cake sale at break time to see their goodies.
We decided to do this as a competition to see which class could make the most profit.
In the end we made £281.55 which was all donated to the Kingsway food bank which provides emergency food parcels for needy people across South Staffordshire.
The class which made most money was 8G1 and they won a big tub of chocolates to share!

Sporting Results

Thursday 7th June, South Staffordshire Schools  U13, U14 and U15 Athletics at Aldersley Stadium.




U13 girls –Isabelle Abbott, Amy Wooldridge, Poppy Burborough and Olivia Malpass.

U13 boys –Joel Harrison, Corey Bannister, Max Jones, Freddie Murphy and Noah Bradburn.

U14 girls – Ruby Marson, Kaitlan Wildman, Eva Wilkes, Charlotte Walters, Ava Cadman, Bethan Bishop and Poppy Summers.

U14 boys –Thomas Fallon, Jacob Smith, Ethan Causer, Brandon Bell, Taylor Wooldridge, Tom Jones, Noah Sandland and Will Hayes.

U15 girls – Georgia Parry, Phoebe Bradshaw-Corner, Eloise Oakley, Elle Cathcart, Caitlin Fallon and Katie Flavell.

U15 boys – Louis Powell, Jamie Cox, Nathan Walford, Kipp Jones and Jack Cunningham.


Congratulations and well done to all the athletes representing Ounsdale at the Athletics Championship competition. It was once again a great afternoon and all students performed to their best.


Some of the notable performances included:



Joel Harrison – 1st in the high jump

Noah Bradburn – 3rd in the 800m

Freddie Murphy – 3rd in the 1500m

Max Jones – 4th in the shot putt

U13 Relay team – 4th

Corey Bannister – 5th in the 100m

Joel Harrison – 5th in the 200m


Olivia Malpass – 1st in the 800m

Olivia Malpass – 2nd in the 200m




Thomas Fallon – 1st in the 100m

Will Hayes – 1st in the javelin

U13 Relay team – 1st

Thomas Fallon – 2nd in the long jump

Brandon Bell – 2nd in the discus

Noah Sandland – 2nd in the 1500m

Tom Jones – 3rd in the 800m


U13 Relay team – 1st

Ava Cadman – 1st in the high jump

Ruby Marson – 3rd in the 100m

Kaitlan Wildman – 3rd in the 200m

Eva Wilkes – 3rd in the 300m

Ava Cadman – 5th in the discus




Jamie Cox – 3rd in the discus

Jack Cunningham – 3rd in the 1500m


Caitlin Fallon – 1st in the 200m

Phoebe Bradshaw-Corner – 3rd in the shot putt

Elle Cathcart – 3rd in the 75m hurdles

Katie Flavell – 3rd in the 800m

Phoebe Bradshaw-Corner – 4th in the 100m

U15 Relay team – 4th


Well done to everyone involved!










Here is the match report from the Dudley Schools FA Cup final!


On a gloriously sunny Monday night the boys and I travelled to Dormston School, to face Kingswinford school, for the Dudley Schools FA cup final.

The boys had played extremely well in all of their games leading to this point and expectations were high. After a slightly nervous warm up, and an even more nervous start to the game, the boys settled into their well-rehearsed 2-touch football. As confidence grew, opportunities to take the lead presented themselves more regularly. After a blistering run down the left wing Tyler Newell put in a great, low driven, cross that resulted in one of the Kingswinford players steering the ball into his own net. 1-0 Ounsdale.

The game continued with much of the pressure being applied by Ounsdale. However, a good counterattacking move resulted in Kingswinford drawing level, 1-1. The game, becoming more balanced, needed an injection of inspiration. This came in the form of an exquisite strike by Billy Corns that would have beaten just about any keeper in the premiership. Unfortunately the whistle had already gone and the goal did not stand.

This strike did however act as the catalyst for a renewed belief in the boys. It wasn’t long before Billy was again in a great position and this time his confident strike into the bottom corner counted, 2-1 Ounsdale.

Much of the pressure remained concentrated in the opposition half. This remained until the final whistle and Ounsdale were crowned as the winners.

The boys have remained focused and hard-working throughout their cup campaign and got the rewards that their efforts rightly deserved. I am especially proud of the way that the boys have carried themselves this year and have acted as superb ambassadors for Ounsdale, within the local community.

Good luck for next year boys.


So here we go! Welcome back to what promises to be an exciting end to the school year!


We got competitions, sports events, shows, the list could go on! be sure to check our Facebook/twitter/website to keep yourself up to date with what’s happening through out the coming weeks! Good luck to our year 11 students who will be sitting their exams! Did we forget to mention the house championship? The final race is on to claim the title! Can Fiennes take it once again?

Goodbye Year 13!

So things got emotional today as we said farewell to our year 13 students 
 It feels like only 2 minutes ago since you were in year 7 back in 2011. We feel very proud and humbled to have watched you grow into mature adults.
“Best wishes and congratulations to our fantastic Year 13 students who left school today. Good Luck in your exams and have a fabulous summer” – Miss Brown
Be happy, stay positive, and aim for the stars. Farewell.

School Chaplaincy Service

Who they are and what they do.

There are currently two, voluntary chaplains at Ounsdale School: Helen Trask and Gerry Denston. They are available every Tuesday lunchtime and can be found in Room 5, the Safe Room, or, if weather permits walking around outside or on the field. If you see them please say hello.

Their purpose is to contribute to the general wellbeing of everyone in the school by providing a ‘listening ear’ and counsel or just having a friendly chat.

A day of cricket

A mixed yr 7 and 8 cricket team of 10 boys travelled to Wolverhampton CC to take part in the Staffordshire Cricket Boards chance to compete competition. All the boys gave it a real good shot and played some excellent cricket. They won 2 out of 4 games throughout the day!

Special mention to the non-cricketers in the team who really stood out in effort and application throughout

Football Final Celebrations!

On Monday the 14th May our year 8 boys football team travelled to Dudley College to play against a very strong Dormston side in the final of the Dudley Schools Cup. On a warm evening our lads started well, demonstrated good confidence on the ball and solidity at the back. After around 20minutes however Dormston took the lead through a goal mouth scramble, they then quickly doubled it through a screamer of a free kick from 30 yards out. The boys however were not swayed from their efforts and Tom Jones pulled one back on the stroke of half time with a lovely finish.

The second half started with Dormston controlling possession, but Ounsdale Stormed back with a stunning 10 minute period of play where Tom Jones completed his hat-trick and Ethan Causer completed a sweeping counter attack with a lobbed finish. We were sitting handsomely in the lead 4-2 with 10 minutes left. Dormston pulled one back with a wonder strike from 30 yards that Goal Keeper Jamie had no chance of saving, however he did pull off a victory defining save with moments to spare, a save that Mr Donoghue described as ‘the best he has ever witnessed live’. Ounsdale went on to win the game 4-3.

An excellent display of fight, grit and determination coupled with brilliant footballing skills meant that it was an evening to be proud of for the boys and for the school. Very very well done!!


Jamboree Showcase

Tonight we have a fantastic charity event featuring Ounsdale High Schools finest vocal talent fundraising for the Jamboree Team!

£3 on the door!

Ounsdale Presents: Oliver

We would like to say a massive thank you to all who supported our fantastic production of Oliver.

DVD’s will be available to order shortly so watch this space!

Invictus Festival of Performing Arts

Congratulations to Miss Adams, Mr Wykes, Kyle Hipkiss, Callum Rogers, Alex Taylor, the cast of Oliver and Ethan Smith for their fantastic performance at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre on Tuesday 27th March. We were proud of your professionalism and contribution to this excellent opportunity to showcase the immense talent we have here.

Well Done!!

Christine Brown


Welcoming Our New Governors

We are pleased to announce that following an invitation earlier this year for new Governors to join the team, 5 new Governors have joined Ounsdale’s Local Governing Body to challenge and support the school in making improvements.

These Governors bring with them a wide range of expertise from outside of the education sector and their contributions at this particular time will be invaluable. Our new Governors are:

Jo Treacy
Angela Poulton
Chris Green
James Elcock
Paul Stevens

Details of their background, experience and contribution to the areas of improvement for the school, will be available on the Governor section of the website early next term.

Christine Brown
Ounsdale High School

Invictus Games 2018

3rd Invictus Games held at Ellowes Hall School Thursday 15th March

Kian Burborough, Isobel Blakemore, Sam Holyhead, Harry Sanders, Harry Woodhouse, Jack Bradley, Mia Hobbs, Phoebe Bradshaw Corner, Jamie Cox, Maisy Shaw and Kellie-Anne Loveridge represented Ounsdale in the table tennis, dodgeball and archery competitions at the Invictus Games. The table tennis team played some hard fought matches against tricky opposition but demonstrated some excellent shot making skills to finish 2nd overall out of the six schools. Jack Bradley (singles) and Jamie Cox and Maisy Shaw (doubles) were undefeated in the competition!

The afternoon dodgeball competition didn’t fair quite as well as we came up against some powerful, skilful teams although we gave it our all in each match and finished 4th out of the six schools.

The archery competition would probably not have been considered our best event with some of the group not having had a go previously. However, after a brief practise session Ounsdale clearly had some natural archers who aimed well in each competition to end up the overall winners! A fantastic result! Adding together the results from all 3 competitions, Ounsdale finished in 2nd place overall, only behind the hosts school – Ellowes Hall – well done team Ounsdale!

An Evening of Flower Arranging

The Inner Wheel Club of Sedgley & Wombourne presents ‘An Evening of Flower Arranging’ by Andrew Lloyd on Wednesday 25th April 2018 – 7:00 for 7:30pm here at Ounsdale. Tickets are £7.50 each. All proceeds will go to Mary Stevens Hospice. Tickets available from:

Wombourne area – Doreen on 01902 893560
Kinver area – Mary on 01384 936127
Stourbridge area – Jan on 07982 236512

Well Done Noah!

Congratulations to Noah Sandland who competed in the National Biathlon Championships at Crystal Palace during the weekend. Unfortunately, due to the snow and freezing conditions, the run part of the event had to be cancelled and the run times from the qualifying event were used. Noah, his friends and family and Ounsdale are please with his 19th position out of 117 qualifiers nationally. Such an amazing achievement…. be proud Noah!!!

Biathlon Champion

Ounsdale would like to congratulate and wish Year 8 student, Noah Sandland the best of luck for his Biathlon event this weekend.

As a result of coming 3rd in the West Midlands Biathlon Championships in October last year, Noah qualified, in his age group, to compete at the National Schools Championships at Crystal Palace representing Ounsdale.

This is a fantastic achievement…. well done Noah! We look forward to hearing about your experience after the weekend.

Brightline Band Bringing Positivity

Today we were privileged to have The Message Trust visit our school as part of the Higher Tour. The Message Trust is a Christian charity that has worked in schools across the UK for over 25 years, helping young people think about faith, life and positive values. Today, lead by one of their creative teams, Brightline, the message focused on tolerance, anti-racism, diversity, building self-esteem and being positive.

The Message Trust have been working alongside other charities and Matthew Foster (Director of Engage Trust UK – – a charity providing detached youth work and workshops for schools promoting emotional well being ) helped to coordinate our visit today with Gerry Denston who runs the youth group ‘Blaze’ at the Kingsway Church in Wombourne Village.

Brightline are currently touring the West Midlands and will be performing on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 March at the All Nations Church, Temple Street, Wolverhampton (behind The Way Youth Zone). Tickets are £3 each or 2 for £5 and are currently available from the school reception or you can book online at Tickets bought on the door will be £5 each.

We would like to thank The Message Trust, Brightline (Joe, Lucy, Jacob, Joel & Daniel), Gerry Denston and Matthew Foster for providing such an engaging and positive experience for our students today, which we all thoroughly enjoyed –  as reported by one student ‘the best assembly ever!’ We hop that their message will have had a positive impact on their lives.



House Points Update

Fiennes House continue to lead the House Championship Points Board, congratulations to all Fiennes members…. Drake, Raleigh, Scott…. come on you can do this!!

National Apprenticeships Week

The 11th National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2018) will run from 5th to 9th March 2018.

During the week employers and apprentices from across England will come together to celebrate the success of apprenticeships whilst encouraging even more people to choose apprenticeships as a pathway to a great career.

Apprenticeships are becoming an alternative route for students who wish to train for specialist vocational careers and are available at degree level too. It’s a chance to earn a salary and get those vital qualifications in everything from accountancy to engineering!

It is never too early to start thinking about career pathways and as part of our work on preparing students for life after school we encourage them to think about as wide a range of options as possible. For more information and to search for apprenticeship opportunities please see the links below:

Invictus Festival of Performing Arts

Tickets are now on sale for our Invictus Festival of Performing Arts on 27th March.  Tickets can be purchased via the Wolverhampton Box Office, contact telephone number 01902 429 212.  They will go live to the general public on Thursday 1st March and tickets will then be available to purchase online via the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Website Ounsdale students will be performing extracts from our upcoming show …Oliver! You will also be able to see the other Invictus schools performing extracts from Peter Pan, Billy Elliot, High School Musical and We Will Rock You. This will be a fantastic opportunity for all the students involved as well as being a very entertaining evening for audience members. Seeing your child perform in such an impressive venue will, we are sure, fill you with pride. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


‘Youth Speaks’ Competition 2018

Congratulations to Edan, Esme and Daisy on their performance in this years’ public speaking competition. Their professional presentation on the topical area of gender equality impressed both the judges and the audience.  Well done to them and thanks to Graham Rowley and the Wombourne and Sedgley Rotary Club for giving our students this opportunity.

Fund Raising Thanks

Ounsdale have been thanked by charity ‘YoungMinds’ for raising a fantastic £1284.35!

Thanks to our support, over the last year the youth engagement campaign YoungMinds Vs has enabled even more young people to talk about mental health, and both their Parents Helpline and online resources have been able to offer information, support and guidance to more people than ever before.

Over the past year the organisation have also trained 7000 professionals, including teachers, foster carers and medical professionals to better understand, support and help the young people they are responsible for. They also continue to raise much needed awareness around children and young people’s mental health as the stigma associated with talking about how we feel is still widespread throughout society today.

YoungMinds is a small organisation trying to make a difference and we are happy to have supported the marvellous work that they do.

Accelerated Readers

The Accelerated Reader house raffles were recently drawn in house assemblies. All those who scored 100% in a book quiz were entered into the raffle. The winners were:

Drake – Lexeigh Murphy Y7
Fiennes – Amelia Tansey Y7
Raleigh – Gemma Willetts Y8
Scott – Todd Wood Y7

Also, the following pupils joined the Millionaires’ Club by reading 1 million words. They received a special Accelerated Reader Millionaire badge and certificate in recognition.

Amelia Tansey
Annise Glover, Charles Bond, Elle Wilkinson, Emily Porter, Evie Underhill, Isabel Porter, Jade Clark, Lucy Hutt, Molly Wilkinson, Rosie Roberts, William Smith, Zoe Poole
Jade Williams, Molly Cole, Tilly Steele

Gemma Willetts Y8 and Megan Jenkins Y9 received a special Accelerated Reader Multi-Millionaire badge and certificate for reading 3 MILLION words!


Former Pupil’s MBE

We are proud to announce and would like to congratulate former pupil of Ounsdale, Wendy Sadler, for receiving an MBE today for her work in Science.

When Wolverhampton-born science communicator Wendy Sadler collects her MBE at Buckingham Palace today, she’ll be showcasing the wonder of science – right down to the fabric of her dress.

When Wendy found out she had been awarded an MBE for her services to science in the Birthday Honours, she was determined to find a way to reflect her love of science on the day. She turned to colleague and Design Engineer Debbie Syrop, and together they created a very special dress.

The pair recorded Wendy’s children shouting her company name Science Made Simple! into a microphone, and turned the recording into a beautiful sound wave (pictured above). That wave was then printed onto the fabric for Wendy’s one-of-a-kind science-themed dress.

Wendy grew up in Wombourne and went to Ounsdale School before studying Physics and Music at Cardiff University. She established social enterprise ‘Science made Simple’ to share her joy of science, and from its base in Cardiff, it now runs outreach programmes with schools and pupils across Britain. (

Speaking about this unique project she said:
“I wanted to make a statement with a dress that showed the inner beauty of science. To me, physics is beautiful because it is a way of making sense of the patterns all around us in nature.

“People instinctively understand what they can see with their own eyes, and so I’ve always believed that visualising science is an important way to demystify it. I couldn’t think of a better way to mark my big day than to weave sound waves into the fabric of my dress.

“My love of science and music was born right here in Wolverhampton. It seems really appropriate that I’ll be wearing a sound wave when I receive my MBE. It brings together my children’s voices and my passion for science – the things that are most important to me.”

Wendy will receive her MBE for services to science on Thursday 1 February at 10.00am.


Standing up against hatred

To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day which was on January 27 – the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – Ounsdale is holding a series of assemblies on the theme of standing up against hatred. They are being led by our former Head of History Phil Ginnings who now volunteers for a charity called Remembering Srebrenica. The charity works to educate people about the biggest genocide in Europe since the Holocaust – in Bosnia in 1995 – and to commemorate the victims. It also encourages people to reflect on the need to resist hatred and prejudice by encouraging greater community cohesion. For more details of the charity’s work, please visit Remembering Srebrenica

As part of the charity’s work, they are keen to educate and involve as many young people as possible in activities relating to Remembering Srebrenica Memorial Week which takes place annually in July. They will be working with the school in developing ideas that build upon the messages contained in the assemblies. The charity’s mission is best summed up as:

‘We recognise that we have achieved a lot in terms of building a cohesive society here in the UK, but discrimination, promotion of hatred, extremism, and exclusion persist, and we must play our part, no matter how large or small, to create a better and safer society for all.’

You can find out more about the kind of things we do by taking a quick look at Our Work –

 More information can also be found here about  Our Visits Programme – 



Swimming Medal Winners

The PE Department and whole school would like to congratulate the Under 13 Ounsdale Swimming Squad who took part in the City Championships at The Royal School in Wolverhampton on January 24th; Ruby Holyhead, Molly James, Thea Blakemore, Olivia Forrester, Alex Jones and Sophie Sergison.

12 teams were entered in the competition with lots of races included in the programme covering different distances and strokes. Notable performances included:

Molly James – 3rd in 100m freestyle
Alex Jones – 3rd in 50m breaststroke
Molly James – 3rd in 50m butterfly
Olivia Forrester, Ruby Holyhead, Alex Jones, Thea Blakemore – 3rd in the freestyle relay
Thea Blakemore – 2nd in 25m backstroke
Olivia Forrester – 2nd in 25m freestyle
Alex Jones – 1st in 25m butterfly

All these fantastic performances culminated in the squad finishing joint 2nd overall and being presented with their silver medals -well done girls, a fantastic achievement!!

Important Parent Notice

We have been made aware by a parent (and this has been backed by recent media reports) that there is an online gaming platform called ‘roblox’ and an app called ‘discord’ that offer very serious threats to child safety. We would ask that all parents check their students devices (iPads etc) for any evidence of these sites or apps. If you have any concerns please contact our safeguarding team within school.

Well Done Charley!

We would like to congratulate and wish Year 11 student Charley Jones the very best of luck for her swimming event starting on Thursday 17th January.

This weekend Charley will be representing the West Midlands Swim Team in the 9ème Trophèe National des Hortillons in Amiens, France. She has been swimming competitively since the age of 8 and has achieved and completed at British National level. She has been selected to represent The West Midlands Team after being county and regional backstroke champion in 2017. Charley is currently training on an international swim programme at the Royal Wolverhampton School and her biggest achievement to date will be when she competes in early March 2018 in the Edinburgh British Championships.

Well done Charley, such an amazing achievement and good luck for the weekend. We will look forward to hearing about your experience.

Dancing Success

Congratulations to Year 9 student Harriet Greenway and her dance partner Isobel Lowe for coming 2nd in the All Girls Ballroom Category in the ‘Champions of Tomorrow’ dance competition at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool on 6th January.

Harriet started ballroom dancing at the age of 3 at ZigZag Dance Factory and now dances at Crystal Dance Studio in Dudley. She was partnered with Isobel Lowe at the age of 7 and started to compete. At the age of 11 they became the ‘UK All Girls Juvenile Champions Ballroom and Latin’ and are now competing in the Junior section against girls who are 3 years their senior.

Both girls work so hard putting in hours of training and often for go social activities. It is clear that this effort has been rewarded – well done to both of you!

Their next event will be at The Tower Ballroom in Blackpool on 11th February and we would like to wish you the very best of luck.  If you would like to follow the girls’ progress you can ‘like’ their Facebook page – ‘Harobel’.



Concert Reschedule

Unfortunately the disruption caused by the weather has affected our rehearsals for the musical extravaganza planned for tomorrow night. As a result of this and on-going issues with the weather, we are going to reschedule this event. We will publish details of the new date by the end of the week. Tickets already purchased on line can be carried forward to the new date or full refunds will be given. Please see Facebook and the website for details of the new date.


We have been monitoring the forecast and conditions in and around Wombourne over the last 3 days and have been on site again today. We appreciate the disruption that school closure causes and will be re-opening the school on Wednesday.
However we will be starting later at 9.30am to enable staff and students to take more time with their journeys. Kingswinford coaches have advised that they will be running at the normal time although the journey may well take longer. The Staffs coach is planning to run but access will depend on local conditions. Please note that the Lindale gate will not be open tomorrow.
We are making some changes to the day so that time spent outside the building is minimum including tutor tome from 9.30am until 10am, a supervised, staggered lunch, no morning break and 4 lessons instead of 5. School will finish at the usual time.
Snowballing is not allowed on or around the school site for health and safety reasons.
As you will appreciate it is impossible for us to know the exact conditions in each area that our students travel from and so if it is not safe for you or your child to travel tomorrow then please email school to confirm this. Footpaths in all areas including Wombourne continue to be difficult so please take care and thank you for your patience during this challenging time.


As you know we had intended to open the school tomorrow but unfortunately have just been advised that efforts to make the site safe for staff and students have been defeated by the extreme weather conditions. Therefore we have no alternative but to close the school again on Tuesday. This is not what we hoped but have to put health and safety of students and staff first. We also apologise for having to go back on our original intention but hope that parents will understand the reasons why. Please continue to see WISE the website and facebook for further updates

Important Weather Update

We have been monitoring the forecast and conditions in and around Wombourne over the last 2 days. We appreciate the disruption that school closure causes and will be opening the school on Tuesday.
However we will be starting later at 9.30am to enable staff and students to take more time with their journeys. Kingswinford coaches have advised that they will be running at the normal time although the journey may well take longer. The Staffs coach is planning to run but access will depend on local conditions. School will finish at the usual time.
As you will appreciate it is impossible for us to know the exact conditions in each area that our students travel from and so if it is not safe for you or your child to travel tomorrow then please email school to confirm this.

Reminder….. No snowballing on or around site for health and safety reasons.
Take care.

Weather Update

Following a further review of the adverse weather conditions we are sorry to advise you that Ounsdale High School will be closed on Monday. Staff will set work for their classes through Wise as homework.
Please check the website, Facebook and text messages for updates on Monday.
We hope to re-open on Tuesday but will continue to consider the health and safety implications to students and staff both in terms of the journey to and from school and whilst on site.
Take care

Weather Update

We are monitoring the weather situation closely. We hope that school can open but need to take account of the health and safety of staff and students as well as conditions on the site. Staff. students and parents please check the website, wise or your text account before setting off. Take care and enjoy your Sunday.


As you know the weather situation has deteriorated rapidly. If you cannot get your child to school or are struggling please do not bring them in. For children who are in school, we are looking at whether we can send them home safely and will need to contact parents individually to do this. If your child cannot attend please email not call! We will call you today as soon as we can. Bear with us at this at this challenging time

Weather Update

We have opened this morning although we are aware that journeys are likely to be difficult. We are monitoring the situation closely and will publish any updates on school website and Facebook. Take care

Interhouse Netball / Futsall Results

The final interhouse results are as follows:

Year 7 Netball
1st – Scott
2nd – Raleigh & Drake
4th – Fiennes

Year 7 Futsal
1st – Fiennes
2nd – Scott
3rd – Raleigh
4th – Drake

Overall year 7 results
1st – Scott
2nd – Fiennes
3rd – Raleigh
4th – Drake

Year 8 Netball
1st – Fiennes
2nd – Raleigh
3rd – Scott & Drake

Year 8 Futsal
1st – Fiennes
2nd – Raleigh & Scott
4th – Drake

Overall year 8 results:
1st – Fiennes
2nd – Raleigh
3rd – Scott
4th – Drake

Year 9 Netball
1st – Raleigh
2nd – Scott
3rd – Drake
4th – Fiennes

Year 9 Futsal
1st – Scott
2nd – Raleigh
3rd – Drake
4th – Fiennes

Overall year 9 results:
1st – Raleigh
2nd – Scott
3rd – Drake
4th – Fiennes

Attendance Update

Here are the attendance percentages for September to November 2017. Congratulations to Raleigh House for achieving the highest attendance percentage! All students who have achieved 100% attendance will be receiving 1 WOW Work and 5 house points as a reward.

People Helping People

Staffordshire County Council recognises and values the important work undertaken by volunteers and voluntary groups within our community across the county. Cllr mike Davies (Cabinet Support Member for Community) has been tasked as part of a pilot scheme in South Staffordshire to work with and expand the capacity of the voluntary sector by identifying individuals and groups who may benefit from membership of either Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services (SCYVS – children, young people and families) or Support Staffordshire (SS – place and adults). Membership of both organisations is free.

Please click on the following link for more information:

Mike Davies Poster Doc



Netball Winners!

Congratulations to our Year 11 Netball Team who won their match against The Royal last night. The score was Ounsdale 14 – 7 The Royal.  Player of the match was Lucy Summers. Well done girls you did yourselves proud.

Next weeks fixtures are:

Monday 20th – Year 11 v Grammar (away)

Wednesday 22nd – Year 8 v Moseley (home)

Good luck to all players.

Meet the Author Visit

On 18th October, a group of KS3 students, accompanied by their English teacher, Miss Wilkes, were fortunate enough to meet the famous American author, Michael Grant at an event hosted by Wolverhampton Grammar School.

Michael is the author of the best-selling Gone book series, which tells the story of the fictitious southern California town where teenagers disappear on their 15th birthday, and the ensuing societal changes that this brings about. Michael has recently written Monster, a stunning continuation of the story of teenagers who morph into superheroes when they ingest an alien virus. With life becoming more terrifying, an immense battle between good and evil will determine the world’s fate.

Michael entertained the students with tales of his life, his love of superheroes and with a reading from his new book, Monster. Our students had the opportunity to ask Michael questions after his talk and to get their books personally signed. They found Michael thoroughly engaging and will hopefully have found plenty of inspiration they can use in their own writing.

Shoebox Appeal 2017

Operation Christmas Child is an amazing cause, making children happy around the world.  If you would like more information please visit There are also leaflets available from the library.  If you would like to donate then shoeboxes need to be brought into the library by Friday 17th November. Many thanks in advance.

Macmillan Cancer Support Day

On Friday 29th September we held a Macmillan Cancer Support day and managed to raise a fantastic £503.76!!

Students wore an item of green clothing and donated £1 and lots of cakes were made and sold during break time.

Thank you to all staff and students who helped to organise the event and to everyone who donated.

Musical Instrument Plea

The Music department is becoming too popular! We are now offering more opportunities than ever for our children to have fun and make music but we are having to limit numbers because we don’t have enough musical instruments. Do you have any instruments lying around at home left un-used? Would you like them to be used again to make children happy again?

If you do, why not generously donate them to the music department?

We accept any instruments, from guitars to keyboards to bagpipes. If you can get it to the Music room and it makes music we want it.

Have you got an electric guitar and not sure if it works? We may be able to fix it and get it into a child’s hands to play.

Your generosity will help to keep Music alive at Ounsdale School.

If you would like to donate an instrument please bring it in to reception and we will gratefully take it from you to be given a new lease of life.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Bacanu String Quartet Visit

Just another musical morning at Ounsdale

On Friday 22nd year 7 had a lovely treat when the Bacanu String Quartet visited to play a mix of music to inspire and educate our pupils. The string quartet played a fantastic variety of music ranging from traditional music such as the popular wedding piece “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba” by Handel, to more contemporary pieces such as “Happy” by Pharrell Williams or “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. The String Quartet are scheduled to travel across all the Invictus schools generating interest for the Free String Instrumental lessons which will be taking place at Crestwood School on a Tuesday 7-9pm. Those who choose to sign up will receive free instrumental lessons from professional musicians as-well as free instruments to take home.

Pupils were invited to Sign-up to this amazing opportunity and by the end of the visit at Ounsdale, 37 pupils had already signed up.

If your child did not sign up to this fantastic opportunity and is interested please contact Mr Wykes in the music department to get more information.

Trip Information

Dear parents

Here are details of the trips which are being organised for your child’s year group in 2018:

Year 10
History Trip to Berlin
Berlin Trip Letter

Science Trip to Iceland
2017 Y9 and 10 Iceland Trip letter

Year 9
Humanities Trip to the First World War Battlefields
2017 Y9 Battlefields Trip letter

Science Trip to Iceland
2017 Y9 and 10 Iceland Trip letter

Year 8
French Trip to Boulogne
2017 Y8 French Trip letter

Students are being given additional information about these trips in lessons.

If you would like your child to be considered for any of these trips please click on the links above to access copies of the letters and the consent form and pay the deposit on Parent Pay by the dates shown – in some cases the deadline is 28th September!

If you need a paper a copy of the letter/consent form, please ask your child to go to reception where copies will be available.

if you have any other questions please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Christine Brown

Here are some pictures taken from trips in the past…..

New Build Update

New Building Project

Progress Report – 21st September 2017

Ounsdale High School has been awarded £3.4 million to improve the condition of the school’s learning environment from the Government’s Condition Improvement Fund. This is the largest bid awarded through this project within the country this year and as you might expect we are very excited about the opportunities this funding offers to present and future students.  

Since receiving details of the award, Governors have appointed consultants Nyman Green Ltd (Project and Cost Management) and Gillespies LLP (Architectural) to explore the options available. A considerable amount of work has been undertaken and we want to update you on the latest position with regard to the progress of the project.

The options derived have been considered in tandem with the school teaching and other requirements as far as possible to arrive at the recommendation for the preferred option to be taken forward into detail and into planning.

The project will consist of three stages:

  1. The frontage (flood defences, access improvements and linkages into the further two stages within the school but not visible from the entrance or road)
  2. A partial demolition and refurbishment of the existing three storey main teaching block
  3. A new teaching building to be constructed on the tennis court area.

The scheme now needs to advance into planning alongside detailed design to refine the scheme to provide a greater degree of cost certainty through tender stage.

It is anticipated that the development will be completed between December 2018 and March 2019

Further details and images relating to the project can be found here:

Progress Report – Parents 21st Sept

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair has returned!

Open every break and lunchtime all this week in the library (also open evening)
Books from as little as £2.99
Posters only £2.99
Stationery from only 50p

Musical Instrument Challenge

Do you like a challenge?

Have you ever fancied learning a musical instrument?

The Ounsdale Music Department wants you!

Grade-1-a-thon Challenge! We would like to invite all Ounsdale pupils, parents and staff to come and participate in this year’s Grade-1-a-thon challenge.

We want you to get involved and learn a musical instrument. With some hard work and a few laughs we can be ready to take the Grade 1 exam by next summer, and we hope to raise some money for a good cause along the way. Pupils will be competing on behalf of their houses to see who can achieve the most grade 1’s as well as who can raise the most money with chances to win prizes.

Working with Staffordshire music service we are able to offer weekly group instrumental lessons at £38.00 per term (Just £3.15 per week). These will take place during school for pupils, and after-school for parents, staff and pupils who wish to learn with their parents (probably Wednesday 3.30pm – 4.30pm)

For those taking part in the Grade-1-a-thon we are providing:

  • Free instrument rental
  • Free weekly band practice after school
  • Free Workshop with The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals
  • Chances to perform to an audience (There is no greater thrill!)
  • A school trip to watch a City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra rehearsal. 

What are the long term benefits?

Increasing participation in music has shown to improve people’s emotional intelligence, self-motivation, mental health, discipline, confidence, creativity and much more. The creative industry is currently the fastest growing economic sector in the UK responsible for 5.6% of jobs worth £76.9bn to the UK economy, and the music department feels it is about time that our children explored the benefits of being creative.

Plus it is fun and will raise money for a good cause at the same time. How can you say no?

To get involved – fill out the form below and send to the music department.

Grade-1-a-thon Challenge Form 2017

Start Times for 5th September

Not long now until Tuesday 5 September – just a reminder about the staggered start times that day:

8:45am     School opens for Year 7 and Year 12
9:45am     School opens for Year 8
10:05am   School opens for Year 11 (English / Maths Intervention lesson)
10:15am   School opens for Year 9
11:00am   School opens for Year 10
11:05am   Break for all except Year 10
11:20am   Year 11 assembly
11:45am   School opens for Year 13

Students who arrive early because of coaches should bring a reading book and go to the Dining Room.


GCSE Celebrations

Staff and students at Ounsdale High School celebrated today following the publication of the first set of examination results that include the new GCSEs in English and Maths.

Principal, Christine Brown, said:

‘We are extremely proud of all of our students and are delighted to celebrate their examination success with them. It has been a challenging time for everybody involved, students, staff and parents and we are pleased that the hard work that has been put in has been rewarded. We were particularly impressed by the way that students here responded to the new demands and challenges of harder exams, no coursework and new more difficult content in English and Maths and I am also grateful to the staff at the school for their hard work and for the support that they have given to the students.

We wish all of our students well with the next stage of their journey into Sixth Form, further education, training and employment and look forward to following their future success.

Please click on the link below for more information regarding our results:
Website GCSE Exam Results Update – Summer 17

We also have the links below with useful information:
SSAT What the new GCSEs mean- a guide for parents and carers
Information paper GCSE grading is changing in 2017 – Students
Information paper GCSE grading is changing in 2017 – Parents

Individual Student Performance

Top Performer

The school’s top GCSE performer this year was Lauren Baldwin who achieved three Grade 8s five A* and 2 A grades

Highest Grade 9 awarded to 6 students

Amelia Brien, Luke Baynham, Grace Murphy, Jade Owen, Cecilia Osborne, Lucy Spencer and Daniel Blewitt celebrated after all were awarded the new ‘top grade’ of a 9 in English or Maths demonstrating that their performance was amongst the very best in the country.

Other students who performed well were:

Amelia Brien            9 (2), A* (4), A (3), 6 (1)

Jade Owen              9 (1), 8 (2), A* (2), A (2), B (2), Dist (1)

Luke Baynham        9 (1), A* (6), A (2), B (1), 6 (1), 4 (1)

Lily Fisher                8 (1), 7 (1), A* (5), A (2), 6 (1), B (1)

Daniel Blewitt           9 (1), 8 (1), A* (4), A (3), B (1), 5 (1)

Tom Cottis               8 (2), 7 (1), A* (3), A (4) B (1)

Elizabeth King          8 (1), 7 (1) A* (5), A (2) 6 (1)

Melissa Taylor          8 (1), 7 (2), A* (3), A (4)

Emelia Dutton           7 (3), A* (3), A (3), B (1)

Caitlin Oakley            7 (2), A* (4), A (3), 6 (1)

Cecilia Osborne         9 (1), 7 (1), A* (2), A (4), 5 (1), C (1)

India Birtwhistle         8 (1), 7 (1), A* (1), A (4), 6 (1), B (2)

Sally Garner               8 (1), 7 (2), A* (1), A (3) B (3)

Rosie Taylor               8 (1), A* (2), A (4), 6 (1), B (1), 5 (1)

Rebecca Lewis           7 (1), A* (1), Dist* (1), A (4), 6 (2), B (2)

Georgina Longman     7 (1), A* (4), 6 (1), B (3), 5 (1)

Arnav Sharma             7 (1), A* (1), A (4), 6 (2), B (3)

Wiktoria Brodziak        8 (1), 7 (1), A (4), 6 (1), B (3), C (1)

Charlotte Davies          8 (1), 7 (1), A (3), 6 (1), B (4)

Grace Murphy              9 (1), 7 (1), A (3), B (3), 5 (1), D (1)

James Platten              8 (1), A (5), 6 (1), B (2), 5 (1), D (1)

Gabriel Ceccarelli        7 (1), Dist* (1), A (2), 6 (2), B (2), C (2), Merit (1)

Carter Chivers              7 (1), A*(1), A (1), 6 (1), B (5), 5 (1)

William Robinson         A* (2), A (3), 6 (2), B (1), 5 (1), C (1)

Molly Greensill              7 (1), A (3), 6 (2), B (3), C (1)

Olivia Simpson             A (7), 6 (1), B (1), 5 (2), C (1)

James Springthorpe     8 (1), A (3), 6 (1), B (4) 5 (1)

School Coach Information

We are pleased to confirm the coach arrangements of home to school transport for the 2017/18 academic year. Please contact Debbie McDonald ( if you do have any queries.

Coach 1

Cinder Rd/Chase Rd                    8:00
Cinder Rd/Flavells Lane               8:02
MilkingBank (Meadowlark)           8:10
Summit Place/Himley Rd              8:15
School                                           8:30

Coach 2

Milking Bank (Meadowlark)          8:05
Corncrake Rd(top/DeepdaleRd)   8:07
Summit Place/Straits                    8:10
Straits Shops                                8:12
Sandyfields Rd/Kipling Rd            8:14
Sandyfields Rd/Brownswall Rd     8:16
Gospel End/Southerndown Rd     8:20
School                                           8:30

Coach 3

Northway (Cabin)                         8:00
Church Hill (top of road)               8:10
Church Hill (bottom of road)         8:12
Penn Road/Pinfold Road              8:14
Firs Pub                                        8:22
School                                           8:30


A Level Congratulations

Congratulations to all Ounsdale Sixth Form students who are celebrating today following the publication of their examination results.

Principal, Christine Brown, said:

‘The changes made to the examinations framework this year have meant an increase in the demands and challenges for students. We are proud and delighted with the way that Ounsdale students responded to these changes and congratulate each of them on their performance. We look forward to following their progress into higher education, apprenticeships and employment and wish them well with the next stage of their journey.

Individual Student Performance

The school’s top ‘A’ Level performer this year is Cara Bird who achieved ‘A’ grades in Business, Mathematics and Psychology. Cara has a place at Nottingham to study Accountancy.

Twins Bobbi and Georgia Goode enjoyed a double celebration after matching each other’s success in their Level 3 vocational courses.

Bobbi Goode                     IT (Distinction, Distinction) Health and Social Care (Distinction)

Georgia Goode                 IT (Distinction, Distinction) Health and Social Care (Distinction)

Other students who performed well were:

Ruby Morris                      Sociology (A), Psychology (B), Business (Distinction*) and Extended Project (B)

Thomas Corbett                English Language and Literature (A), History (B), Geography (B) and Extended Project (A)

Fiona Lee                          Business Studies (A), History (B), Psychology (B)

Blythe Parkes                    Psychology (A*), Business (Distinction*) Health and Social Care (Distinction*)

Olivia Francis                    History (A), Extended Project (A), Biology (B), Geography (B) and Chemistry (D)

Luke Smith                        Mathematics (A), Business (B) Further Maths (D)

Holocaust Experience

On 20th June our Year 8 Students had the privilege to listen to Ruth Barnett and her daughter Tania who visited Ounsdale with her daughter Tania as part of the Holocaust Educational Trust. Ruth talked about her experience of being rescued by the Kindertransport which left Germany in 1939. She and her brother lived with three foster families in England and although her parents survived the war and they were reunited, she did not have a bond with them and they were practically strangers. She also did not have a nationality (as a result of the Nuremberg laws banning Jews from being German citizens) and found it difficult to obtain a passport. Ruth has written three books and there are copies of them in the library if anyone wants to know more. She and Tania also took questions from the students and were very impressed by their maturity. Students have commented that the visit made them think about the importance of showing respect for others and not prejudging someone on the basis of their race or religion.

Staffordshire Space

Staffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Ellis, is bringing back the Space programme for Summer 2017.

Space was originally an activities scheme led by police in Staffordshire aimed at engaging young people before it stopped in the 1990s.

Mr Ellis has pledged money to fund activities with an aim to increase skills, improve health and general wellbeing by creating opportunities to engage with young people positively. Activities will include sporting events, hair and beauty classes, arts and crafts and music production and much more.

The Space scheme will run between 24 July and 1 September and will cover areas across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. Space 2017 is available for 11 to 17 year-olds.

More information, including a calendar of events is available at

Show Pony Winner

Congratulations to Year 10 student Rhea Shakespeare who won her class in the Royal Windsor Pony Show this month.  Rhea won the 148cm Novice Show Pony category with her 5 year old pony called ‘Sparkton Feel The Fun’ (show name) or Fergal which is the pony’s every day name.

This is not the first time that Rhea has been a winner in this show as she won in 2015 with her pony ‘Black Magic’ and came second last year.

Rhea is a very talented rider and we are proud to share her success.

Change to Bus Service

Please be advised that we have received notification from National Express that from September 17 the 255S service will no longer operate from the school layby but instead will pick up and drop off on Station Road in Wombourne.

More details regarding this can be found below:

Change to 255S Service

Well Done Sasha!

Congratulations to our Year 7 student Sasha Hughes who, alongside her school work commitments, works hard looking after her pony and competing at the weekends in dressage competitions.

For the past twelve months she has been working hard learning new dressage test routines and has competed locally at Kingswood Equestrian Centre and Rodbaston to try and qualify for a major UK tournament during the school holidays in July this year.

Sasha’s parents have informed the school that they are very proud to say that Sasha and her pony Brambles have qualified through various rounds winning both her classes to qualify for the TrailBlazers UK National Dressage Finals at Stoneleigh Warwickshire for four days at the end of July. She will compete against many other under 16 competitors from around the country.

Good luck to Sasha and Brambles and we look forward to hearing about your success after the summer holidays.

Maths Challenge Success

Two Year 8 students, Louis Powell and Aidan McTighe, along with two Year 9 students, Hal Simpson and William Abbott will be competing against teams across the UK for this year’s UK Team Maths Challenge trophy.  The team were runners up in the Regional Final held in Wolverhampton and won the opportunity to compete in the National Final at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London on Monday 19th June 2017. Over 1750 schools entered the competition and 88 have qualified to take part in the Final.

The National Final of the Team Maths Challenge, which is run by the UK Mathematics Trust, involves teams of four students from Years 8 and 9, competing in:

  • a group circus involving hands-on maths problems;
  • a series of shuttles in which the answer from one question feeds in to the next;
  • a crossnumber (mathematical crossword);
  • a relay race combining physical and mental agility;
  • a separate poster competition based on a mathematical subject.

A huge well done to all four students who have made it to the final, this is an incredible achievement.  Good luck for the 19th June.


School Name Change Update

Thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation proposal on changing the name of the school. Governors will be considering the responses and making a decision at their next Full Governors Meeting on Monday 22nd May 2017. Details of the final decision will be available on the website and WISE shortly after that.

Christine Brown


District Football

Year 11 students Alastair Lochhead, Tom Hunt, James Fletcher and Tom Cottis played in the District Final Cup against Aston on 7th May. Unfortunately the penalties shoot out was not in their favour as they lost in the end but the team have done an amazing job to get so far within the football league.

Manager Simon King said ‘Couldn’t be more proud of the boys tonight. Dominated Aston from start to finish. Football is cruel to lose on penalties…… he has also thanked the boys for their contribution to schools, district football and the loyalty they have shown right from playing in the U12s football to being young men.

Congratulations to all the team, we are very proud of you.

European Level Football Success

We would like to congratulate Year 12 student Phoebe Warner for reaching the finals of the Under 17 Women’s European Football Championships representing Ireland.

She is currently playing in the tournament in the Czech Republic and we would like to wish her the very best of luck.

Phoebe’s parents and Ounsdale are very proud of her achievements.

We will keep you updated with her journey in the championship.

Ski Trip to Italy

Mr Askin, Mr Donoghue, Miss Willetts and Miss Fellows would like to thank the 32 students from Years 8 & 9 who travelled with them on the 2017 Ski Trip to Passo Tonale in Italy during the Easter break. We had a fantastic time with lots and lots of sunshine and a fair bit of skiing on snow and a little bit on water! The students all should be very proud of just how much they improved and how well they represented the school and themselves throughout the week! I hope that the experience they had has inspired them to want to Ski again. Mr Askin.’


School District Final

Well done to our Year 9 footballers, Harry Clifton, Joe Foulkes and Kyle Price who played with Brierley Hill and Dudley against Wolverhampton in the School District Final at the Molinuex on 2nd May.  They were runners up after the final score which was Wolverhampton 3 – Brierley Hill and Dudley 1. They played incredibly well and enjoyed the experience of playing at the Molineux.  Congratulations lads, you should be very proud for getting so far!!

Sainsburys Active Kids

Could you please collect and bring in your Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers and hand in to reception.

We really do appreciate these and they are put to good use which really do benefit your children.  In the past the PE Department have used them for badminton rackets & shuttles, storage boxes, bibs, tennis rackets & balls, cones, hoops, bean bags and a volley net system. Our Food Technology Department have also used them for new saucepans, chopping boards, cutters, baking tins and trays and utensils.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Wombourne Best Kept Village

The Wombourne Best Kept Village Committee is organising a Big Litter pick on  Saturday 29th April in readiness for the Best Kept Village Competition and have asked for help.  If you can help please meet at the Council Chambers at the Civic Centre at 9.30am on 29th. All necessary equipment will be supplied.  Many thanks in advance.

Cricket Superstar

We would like to congratulate our Year 10 student, Tom Hudson for being selected to play cricket for Staffordshire and we wish him the very best of luck for his matches which will take place on Thursday 25th May and Tuesday 11th July.

Accelerated Readers

Congratulations to the winners of the Year 7 & 8 Accelerated Reader 100% Quiz Raffle for this half term.

Winners were:

Emily Porter Year 7
Melissa Lloyd Year 8

Well Done and keep reading!!

Name Change Proposal

Consultation on the Proposal to Change the Name of the School

Since joining Invictus Education Trust and converting to an academy, the school has been going through a significant period of change and development. We are continuing to explore further opportunities for improvement and the Governing Body feels that now is the appropriate time to consider how we can make our school even more attractive to potential pupils.

We are proud to be in Wombourne and value our position within the local community. Furthermore Wombourne is widely recognised as an attractive and pleasant village and people know where we are located. The Governors of Ounsdale School believe that we would become even more attractive to future pupils and also further our community links by incorporating ‘Wombourne’ into our name.

To help us manage any change we would like to gather the views of our key stakeholders. As such we are inviting parents, students, staff, local partners and other stakeholders to give us their views on this proposal.

Parents, staff and students will be completing their questionnaires through WISE but other interested parties are invited to complete a paper copy of the questionnaire and return it to the school’s reception no later than Tuesday 25th April.

Further details of this proposal and a copy of the questionnaire can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Proposal to change the name of the school – March 17 – stakeholders



School Production Amazing!!

On the 14th, 15th & 16th March Ounsdale showcased the wonderful talent along with commitment and team work of our staff and students in our production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The show was a massive success and even brought audience members who had come to watch the first evening back to see it again just because it was so AMAZING!!

Students and staff had been working so hard during rehearsals which took place during the months running up to the show and this really paid off. The atmosphere created was a real buzz of positivity which was reflected in the true professionalism on stage uniting students from Year 7 through to Year 10. Thursday’s performance saw the theatre sold out!

Feedback has been received from audience members including a personal commendation from Mr A Griffiths (Executive Headteacher/CEO, Invictus Education Trust) and a parent who commented on the uplifting aspect of seeing the students working together on stage.

A huge congratulations to all the cast and staff involved who were:

Staff: Miss K Adams, Mr P Wingate, Mr K Hipkiss, Miss L Fuke, Mrs S Hill and volunteer helpers, ex student Miss C Green, parent Mrs A Taylor and ex employee Mr S Jones.

Students: Ethan Smith, George Horton, Shore Brittain, Francesca Flavell, Sophie Legge, Lucy Parker, Daisy Jeavons, Corey Szczepanek, Jay Ferrier, Kayleigh Barnett-West, Joseph Porter, Owen Harvey, Bradley Hubball, Freya Sandland, Matthew Perks, Bailey Hartshorne, William Townsend, Nathan Wallet, Keziah Taylor, Megan Guest, Lexiah Taylor, Caitriona Taylor, Connie MacKay, Lynsey Williams, Charlotte Phillips, Louise Chapman, Ellie Brough, Bethany Green, Maureena Gillet, Caitlyn Douch, Eve Christopher-Vickers, Kellie-Anne Loveridge, Megan Wycherley, Grace Allen, Jack Chandler, Finlee Tolley, Jack Timmins, Tom Howes, George Whale, Charles Rowson and Alex Williams.

Band Members: Mr P Wingate, Mr E Taylor, Stuart Eaves, Peter Mercer, Will Hall, Sam Turner and George Shaw.


Food Appeal 2017

Beginning the 1st March we are launching our annual food appeal for Good Shepherd Ministries who support those in need in Wolverhampton in a variety of ways, one of which being with food parcels and running a soup kitchen.

We are asking that students bring in tins or packets of food to be placed in the large wooden box in the reception area. The box will be there for a few weeks until we fill it. This food will then be taken to Good Shepherd Ministries in Wolverhampton who on an average day feed over 200 people.

Thank you in advance for all your support with this appeal.

Meet the Author Visit

Twelve Year 8 students got the fantastic opportunity to meet Katy Birchall, author of the hilariously funny ‘It Girl’ series recently at Wolverhampton Grammar School.

Miss Thandi and her Year 8 English students, together with visiting students from across the local area, were truly inspired by Katy’s talk. After answering questions about the ‘It Girl’ books Katy happily posed for a photograph with our students and signed copies of her books. The impact events with guest speakers such as Katy truly enrich the education of students and provide inspiration for their creative writing.

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers

Sainburys Active Kids vouchers are back!!

We kindly ask that if you are able to collect vouchers from Sainsburys could you please hand in to reception or the PE Department.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Operation Christmas Child 2016

This half-term, we took part in the Operation Christmas Child Appeal once again. This incredibly worthy project is run by the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief organisation and delivers Christmas shoeboxes as an unconditional gift of love to needy children all around the world, regardless of background or religion. This year, our students generously donated 43 Christmas shoeboxes filled with gifts, stationery, toiletries and sweets to the appeal. They will soon be winging their way to impoverished children around the globe in time for Christmas. A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributed.


Year 8 Students Turn Detective

Thirteen lucky Year 8 students were enlisted as young detectives on Wednesday 9th November when children’s author Robin Stevens delivered an interactive presentation for her latest book, ‘Mistletoe and Murder’, the fifth instalment in the bestselling ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ series.

Robin’s engaging talk took place at Wolverhampton Grammar School, where Miss Thandi and her Year 8 English students, together with visiting students from across Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Dudley, were offered creative writing tips for aspiring authors and given the key ingredients for writing the perfect detective story. After answering probing questions about the life of a writer, Robin happily posed for photographs with our students and signed copies of her books. The impact of events with guest speakers such as Robin truly enrich the education of students and provide inspiration, both in their writing and future career aspirations.

This first book in the ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ series was the biggest young fiction debut of 2014, winning the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and garnering a loyal fan base and huge critical acclaim.

Robin Stevens was born in California and grew up in an Oxford college, across the road from the house where Alice in Wonderland lived. Robin spent her teenage years at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, reading a lot of murder mysteries and hoping that she’d get the chance to do some detecting herself (she didn’t). She went to university, where she studied crime fiction, and then worked in children’s publishing. She is now a full-time writer.


Accelerated Reader Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Accelerated Reader 100% Quiz Raffle for the first half of the Autumn Term (Left to Right):

Paige Jones (Y9), Emily Barnard (Y7), Zak Parrock (Y8)

Each won a £10 gift voucher to spend at Intu, Merry Hill.

Well done and keep up the good work!

Don’t forget:

The more books you read,

The more quizzes you take,

The more opportunity you have of getting 100%

And the more chance you have of winning!


Health Care Survey and Support for Year 7 Students

This academic year, the Staffordshire School Nursing Service is introducing a new health intervention aimed at Year 7 pupils to ensure that they are working to the Healthy Child Programme (DoH 2009). This will involve a questionnaire that will identify key health issues for young people and the service would also like to take the opportunity to promote the role of the school nurse at this important transition stage by informing pupils of the support available from the school nurse and how to access the service. The survey will be completed in school and a copy of the questionnaire is attached for information. School nurses will follow up any identified health needs confidentially and may also use the data to identify trends that may require a whole school or community intervention.

There is a letter for parents explaining in a little more detail the purpose of the survey which we are intending to carry out during the week commencing Monday 5th November 2016. You are able to withdraw your child if you wish and your child can also decline consent to complete the questionnaire, however, the aim is to encourage young people to begin to take responsibility for their own health.

If you would like to withdraw your child from the survey then please contact the school’s reception

For more details please click on the links below



Tel No: 01902 504930

Introducing ParentPay

ParentPay is a convenient and secure service to pay for trips, Music Tuition, Lettings and much more online.

We no longer accept cash and cheque payments, making the school a cash-free environment.  Parents who need to continue making payments by cash may do so using the PayPoint network at local convenience stores.

Please click on the following link for more infomation:

[button url=”” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”skyblue” ]ParentPay[/button]


Meet the Author Experience

On the afternoon of Monday 10th October, a group of eleven Year 7 students had the opportunity to meet bestselling author Jonathan Stroud at an author event organised by Wolverhampton Grammar School and Authors Aloud.

Bestselling children’s author Jonathan Stroud was there to promote his new book ‘The Creeping Shadow’ the fourth book in his Lockwood & Co. series. Jonathan delivered an energetic, yet informative, presentation to 350 students from WGS and eight visiting schools. In addition to his interactive presentation which introduced students to the setting and characters within the Lockwood and Co. series, Jonathan also encouraged children to improve their own creative writing skills.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jonathan. During his presentation, Jonathan managed to bring his books to life by performing extracts from his work and interacting with the students. Events such as these have a lasting impact and truly inspire reading for pleasure.” 


Accelerated Reading

As I am sure you will remember from our newsletters, one of our key priorities has been to support our students in improving their literacy. In order to help achieve this, we have enrolled all Year 7 and 8 pupils into an extensive reading programme called Accelerated Reader to help build students’ reading skills to ensure they are successful in both English and all other subjects.

All students in Year 7 and 8 have been tested and will now know what their Zone of Proximal Development range is. The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) suggests the readability-level range from which a student should be selecting books to maximise their ability to improve their reading without frustration. This scheme includes the completion of a short quiz on the computer and your child’s English teacher will encourage them to take the quiz as soon as they have completed a book. Passing the quiz is an indication that your child has understood what they have read and Accelerated Reader gives both your child and teacher feedback based on the quiz results, which the teacher then uses to help set targets and direct on-going reading practice.

In order for the programme to be effective, students must read for at least 20 minutes per day. This will take place in school during their daily Drop Everything and Read sessions but your child should also read in their own time at home and we hope that you will actively support them to do this. The student planner contains pages for these reading sessions to be logged and a link to Accelerated Reader is on your child’s WISE page. This will give you the opportunity to follow your child’s improving literacy and support them in developing a commitment to reading both for pleasure and to support their future examination success.

Students who score 100% on a book quiz will receive a raffle ticket for entry into an end of term draw.

The ‘Parents Guide to Accelerated Reader’ below contains further information and frequently asked questions.




PE Dept: PE Kit

As a department, we continue to attempt to offer a full range of activities and would like to keep you updated on some current recommendations regarding safety and kit in Physical Education

For more information please click on the link below


Re-opening Details September 16

School re-opens to students on Tuesday 6th September and students should arrive at the following times:

8:45am    Year 7 – assembly followed by tutor time

9:45am    Year 8 – assembly followed by tutor time

10:00am  Year 11 – English and maths intervention lessons then assembly and tutor time at 11:20 am

10:15am  Year 9 – assembly followed by tutor time

10:30am  Year 12 – assembly followed by tutor time

11:00am  Year 10 – assembly followed by tutor time

12:00pm  Year 13 – assembly followed by tutor time

We look forward to welcoming you back to school and hope that you have all had a great summer break


Good luck and congratulations to the Invictus Choir who have been invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 23rd July at 11.00am.

Have a fantastic day.

Food Appeal 2016

Food Appeal: Week commencing 20th June 16

This week Mrs Blake is organising the annual Food Appeal “A Metre of Tins”.  This is a regular event where Ounsdale will be giving back to the community by collecting donations of food for those in need in Wolverhampton.

We are asking that each pupil brings in tins of food that will be taken to Good Shepherd Ministries in Wolverhampton who on an average day feed 200 people.

The tins of food can be placed in the large box that is situated in reception either before school or at break time or lunchtime

Along with this food appeal Mrs Blake is running a House competition for all students – Which house will be able to estimate the number of tins in a metre cubed?

Thank you in advance for all your support with this appeal.

Wow Work Congratulations

Ounsdale strives to praise our students who shine and to reward excellence. WOW Work points are given to students who may have:
• helped others to understand their work.
• applied ‘BLP’ principles to maximise their progress.
• produced an exceptional piece of work / homework.
• asked insightful, thoughtful questions to challenge and make others think.
• successfully completed the ‘sky high’ challenge.
We are particularly proud and would like to congratulate the following students who have achieved 30+ WOW work points as of today’s date (10th May 2016):

Georgina Longman – 51 points
Rebecca Price – 48 points
Harriet Greenway – 43 points
Melissa Taylor – 42 points
Evelyn Mulvihill – 38 points
Charley Jones – 37 points
William Townsend – 36 points
India Birtwisle – 36 points
Katie Abbott – 34 points
Holly Hodgkiss – 34 points
Matthew Garbett – 33 points
Danielle Poole – 32 points

Parking Around Ounsdale

Dear parents/guardians

Please take care whilst parking around the school. It has been brought to our attention by local residents that parking is an issue during busy periods in the morning and afternoon.

We understand that it can be extremely busy during these periods due to being next door to a primary school but could we please ask that you park responsibly when bringing/collecting students to and from school.

Thank you for your co-operation

Christine Brown



School Library Notice


Can you search your bags, lockers, bookshelves and rooms for any overdue school library books and return them either to the Library or Reception? It doesn’t matter if the books are weeks, months or even years overdue – we would just like them returned. There will be NO penalties or reprimands when you hand them in.

Many thanks

Miss Cameron (Library)

Educate Against Hate

The government, in collaboration with a number of children’s charities and experts, have launched a new website containing guidance for parents and school staff regarding the prevention of radicalisation of young people. The Educate Against Hate website can be found here:

Attendance Information

Please click on the link below for information regarding attendance.  This leaflet contains useful information regarding what you should do if you want to go on holiday during term time, truancy and the implications and procedures to follow if your child is absent. We hope that you find the information useful.

Attendance Leaflet

Book Donations

As part of our continued push on reading in KS3 we are in urgent need of more books for the library.  We are requesting books suitable for the age range of 10 – 15.  We have a recommended book list below but any suitable popular fiction books would be greatly appreciated.

Any donations can be handed in either at reception or in the library.

Thank you in advance.

Reading Lists -Updated July 2015

Application Warning

We have recently been made aware of an application called ‘Yik Yak’ that provides its users with an anonymous forum on which they can post views and comments.

Having monitored its use, we are concerned that this application provides opportunities for its users to post offensive comments about others.  The user of the application believes they are using the application anonymously as the misconception is that it is not possible to easily trace the source of such comments.

Please click on the following link for more information:

‘Yik Yak’ application – warning to parents 19.01.2016

Support For Teenage Cancer Trust

Around seven young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. They need expert treatment and support from the moment they hear the word ‘cancer.’ We’re the only charity dedicated to making this happen

Stephen Sutton was an exceptional young man who made a huge impact as a Teenage Cancer Trust ambassador and fundraiser.

Despite an incurable diagnosis, Stephen remained positive and determined to make a difference up until his death in May 2014. To date Stephen’s Story has raised over £5.5 million for young people facing cancer.

Stephen was first diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the age of 15. He was supported throughout his cancer experience by Teenage Cancer Trust and received his treatment in our three units in Birmingham

Stephen also attended many peer to peer support events, including our flagship weekend conference Find Your Sense of Tumour, an event that brings together 300 young people with cancer to learn, make friends, share experiences, build confidence and have fun. He said that attending the event in 2011 played a very important role in how he viewed his cancer.

In 2013 he decided to make a bucket-list of things he wanted to achieve via his Facebook page, with a goal of raising £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust at number one on his list. He later increased this to £500,000 and then updated it to £1 million.

Stephen’s Story went viral when he posted what he thought was his last “thumbs up” photo from his hospital bed, on 22 April 2014. Already an ambassador and major fundraiser for Teenage Cancer Trust, Stephen captured the public’s imagination in an overwhelming way in the following weeks.

Comedian and long-term Teenage Cancer Trust supporter, Jason Manford, who had met Stephen at the charity’s Royal Albert Hall concert series in March, created the Thumbs Up for Stephen campaign on social media and vowed to take the fundraising to £1 million. Stephen was featured in an amazing array of news outlets both local and global, and supported by a host of celebrities including Stephen Fry, Russell Brand, Piers Morgan, Clare Balding, Gary Lineker, Steve Coogan, Carol Vorderman, Caitlin Moran and even the Prime Minister, David Cameron MP.

Over 182,000 donations have been made online to Stephen’s JustGiving page and over 150,000 by text and these keep rising. He continues to inspire a huge number of legacy fundraising events.

Over the last few months here at Ounsdale, we have been committed to raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust

So far we have raised £1050.00 for the charity and we are determined to raise that figure in the new year



Lindale Gate Feedback

Thank you to everyone who responded to our request for feedback on the decision to close Lindale Gate. We had 289 responses in favour of both re-opening the gate and keeping the gate closed.

[button url=”” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”skyblue” ]View the report here[/button]

The overwhelming response was from those who wanted the gate re-opened to improve student safety on the journey to and from school.

Those opposing the re-opening of the gate were smaller in number but clearly expressed their concerns about the anti-social behaviour of a small but significant number of students and the impact this was having on them. Those opposing the re-opening also expressed concern about congestion and car parking in the Lindale Drive area.

After considering all of the responses we have decided to re-open the Lindale Gate at the end of the school day and for a limited time in the morning (8.25am – 8.40am) to maintain the improvement we have seen in student punctuality and support supervision.

We are also taking a number of other actions to address the issues raised through the consultation

  • Students have been made aware feedback from the consultation and have been advised that any anti-social behaviour will be dealt with. Sanctions against students involved in such behaviour will include being banned from using this gate and parents being informed.
  • Parents have been made aware of the feedback including concerns raised about anti-social behaviour, car parking and congestion issues. We ask that parents dropping or collecting their child from this exit do not park on Lindale Drive.
  •  We will work with the local community, St Bernadette’s primary school and local residents to identify any on-going issues and deal with any incidents that occur
  •  We are setting up a student liaison group consisting of Year 10 students who will work in the local primary school to address the issues raised by primary students and build bridges between them and Ounsdale students.
  •  We will lobby our local MP and the Local Authority who own the land between the school gates and Lindale Drive to secure funding for a proper path to this exit

 And finally…

We appreciate that this decision will not please those who opposed the opening of the gate but hope that the consultation report explains why it has been taken. We take any concerns about the attitude and behaviour of our students very seriously and are committed to working with our local community to address any issues that arise by improving communication and encouraging them to report concerns so that the small number of students who are involved in anti-social behaviour can be dealt with by the school and their parents.

During periods of very poor weather we will have to close the Lindale Gate but will advise parents of this through the usual methods – text and website.

As always, we welcome any further comments, feedback on this matter.

Christine Brown



Shakespeare Schools Festival 2015

We would like to say a huge well done to Year 9 students who took part in the Shakespeare School Festival in October.  They rehearsed tirelessly in their own time after school and performed an abridged version of Shakespeare’s ‘The  Winter’s Tale’ at The Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham on Tuesday 3rd November. There was singing, dancing, a man in a kilt and even a bear! We also had the talented Ethan Smith playing the guitar and Harvey Rozewicz did the lighting helped by Mr Hipkiss. On Friday 20th November the cast performed at Maywood Shires Residential Home in Wombourne, much to the delight of residents and relatives! These young people can be really proud of their hard work! Well done to everyone!  We would also like to thank Miss K Adams for organising and directing the play and for her time given to help our students perform to such a high standard.

Students who took part were:

Shore Brittain, Alex Price, Aaron Beechey, Travis O’Leary, Padraig Meehan, Kane Daniels, Ella-May Miller, Daniel Meek, Jack Slater, George Horton, Larisa Corr, Ellie Salmond, Michaela Burrows, Lyndsey Musgrove, Ellelouise Jones, Benjamin Walker, Hannah Baldwin, Lewis Thompson, Ethan Smith & Harvey Rozewicz.

WISE – Parental Access

We are currently making the transition to a new system for all of our data.

This system is called WISE & there is a section specifically for parents which will allow you see useful information about your child/children.

You will soon receive your log-in details via post and then you will be able to log in to 

Logging in:

Enter your username & temporary password



WISE Parent & Carer Dashboard

From this screen you will be able to select the Academic Profile for each of your children.



Main Child Profile page

On this screen you will be able to navigate to information about Attendance, Behaviour, Homework & more.



The Attendance Page


Homework Page



Children In Need 2015

Children In Need 2015 pics

Ounsdale raised a fantastic £1243 for Children In Need 2015!!

Money was raised with cake sales, raffle, charity dodge ball, fancy dress and guessing the number of balloons in the car.

Thank you to all staff and students who helped to organise the day and a huge ‘WELL DONE’ for the money raised for this very special cause.

Celebrating Sporting Success

sports awards 2015 pics

During early October our Sports Awards took place in our school hall and proved to be yet another successful evening allowing our talented students to shine. Ounsdale are very proud of our success in the sporting curriculum and we would like to congratulate all the nominees and winners of this year’s awards ceremony.
Students nominated for the John Rothery Cup for each year group should consider themselves to be highly honored as the award, named after a former PE teacher who is highly respected, is only given to students who represent what John Rothery would have considered to be an outstanding, all-round sports person who contributes with the best attitude, ability and sportsmanship.
Our nominees and winners this year were:
Year 7 Boys:
Billy Mills
Harry Clifton
Winner: Jack Bradley
Year 7 Girls:
Phoebe Wilkinson
Isobel Blakemore
Winner: Arthi Rajsangar
Year 8 Boys:
Liam Tolley
Tom Hudson
Winner: Jack Cox
Year 8 Girls:
Lauren Robinson
Catriona Taylor
Winner: Amber Jones
Year 9 Boys:
James Fletcher
Liam Deeley
Winner: Daniel Blewitt
Year 9 Girls:
Abbey Smith
Grace Murphy
Winner: Rosie Taylor
Year 10 Boys:
Matthew Pountney
Jack Lewis
Winner: Oliver Southall
Year 10 Girls:
Emily Reynolds
Ellie Slater
Winner: Rosie Foulkes
Year 11 Boys:
Jack Hussey
Matthew Martin
Winner: Harry Warner
Year 11 Girls:
Cara Bird
Charlotte Clifton
Winner: Ruby Morris

The winner of the GCSE PE Award was Cara Bird
The winner of the A Level PE Awards was Tom Hussey
The Winner of the BTEC PE Award was Jake Thompson
The Team of the Year Award was won by the Year 8 Girls Athletic Team

Extra awards were given out during the evening such as the Community Award, Commitment Awards, Most Improved and Recognition Awards and these were all won by the following students:
Harry Clifton, Josh Boddis, Tom Hunt, Ben Harper, Owen Burborough, Catriona Taylor, Meg Wood, Charlotte Clifton, Amelia Parry, Abbie Fuller, Sophia Fisher, Jennifer Share, Tom Hudson, Zak Atkins, Ryan Harper, Tom Hussey, Jack Hussey, Jack Cox, Tom Cottis, Joseph Robinson, Alistair Lochhead, Francesca Flavell, Rhiannon Shipley, Lucy Brooks, Isolabella Marson, Isabel Blakemore & Phoebe Warner.

The evening was presented by our PE staff and we were also entertained by Will Townsend who played the guitar beautifully during guests arrivals and the interval and also Ethan Smith who wowed the audience with his acoustic version of Sam Smith’s song – Stay With Me.

We would like to thank the families of our students for their support and we hope that everyone enjoyed the award ceremony as much as we did.

Making a Success of Year 11

As examination standards have risen along with expectations for Year 11 students, we are continuing to explore how we can work more closely with you and your child to ensure their success in the summer. We know from experience that the best way to promote success is for us to work together to make sure our students know exactly what is expected of them and that they take full advantage of the opportunities offered this year.

After having attended the Year 11 parents evening on Wednesday 4th November you will have been given a clear idea of how your child is performing, what action has to be taken by them to improve their grades and what support is available through subject teachers to help with this.

On Wednesday 11th November we would like to invite you to an information evening so that we can provide you with specific advice as to what you as a parent can do to support your child through the examination process.

We would be grateful if you could complete the reply slip on the attached form below and have your child return it to the school office by Thursday 5th November to confirm that you are able to attend.

Making a Success of Year 11 (PDF)

Making a Success of Year 11 (Word)

Ounsdale is a Beacon School

Ounsdale successfully bid for Beacon School status with the Centre for Holocaust Education which operates under the aegis of University College London. The Centre for Holocaust Education was established as part of the Institute of Education in 2008 (UCL Institute of Education was ranked first for education in the 2014 QS World Rankings; it was also rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted on all criteria at every level for initial teacher training). Its Centre for Holocaust Education combines extensive research into classroom needs with a teacher development programme and effective educational resources specifically designed to meet these challenges. This is the first time anywhere in the world that a Holocaust education programme has been so responsive to actual classroom needs

Each year, the Centre for Holocaust Education works intensively with 20 secondary schools across England. Comprising a four day residential seminar in London; a teacher study visit to sites of the Holocaust in Poland; free CPD for school staff; exceptional teaching and learning materials; the development of school cluster groups; and ongoing support from the world’s leading university for education, this is one of the most ambitious school development programmes in England. All aspects of the programme are provided to schools free of charge, including hotels, flights, excursions, meals, CPD, venues, and university expertise and consultancy, due to generous funding by Pears Foundation, Department for Education, and the Claims Conference.

The Centre for Holocaust Education works with schools to enable young people to deepen their understanding of the significance of the Holocaust and to explore its relevance for their own lives and the contemporary world. Developing this area of the school curriculum has also been shown to have significant benefits for broader educational goals, for pupil engagement and achievement, and for teaching and learning across a range of subject disciplines. The programme seeks:

• To raise the status of Holocaust education in schools, embedding it within schools’ ethos and ensuring it becomes a priority area in the curriculum.

• To support schools in the development of more powerful Schemes of Work, linking aims, outstanding educational resources and advanced pedagogical approaches to clearer understandings about pupil progress and robust forms of assessment.

• To demonstrate the value of teaching and learning about the Holocaust to broader educational values such as SMSC; Global Learning; active, democratic citizenship; and pupils’ development of independent and critical thinking.

• To create Beacon Schools that serve as dynamic hubs within school networks, models of how good teaching and learning about the Holocaust can make a major contribution to young people’s education.

This is an opportunity for our schools to partner with the world’s leading university for education, to raise the quality of learning and expectations in our schools, helping our students to become more engaged in their own learning and more independent, critical thinkers.

A brief summary of the next steps is below:

  • As part of the Beacon School programme Ounsdale partners the Centre in offering a full day of professional development to staff from our school and our network schools during the academic year 2015-16. CHE’s full day CPD is called ‘Unpacking the Holocaust’.  Please visit for full details of the day. For us this will be Monday November 2 2015.
  • Once new SOLs, lesson plans & resources have been developed, each of the 20 Beacon Schools share their Schemes of Work, approaches and materials with the partner schools in its locality, ensuring that a further 100+ schools across the country directly benefit.
  • There are also other voluntary twilight INSET sessions that can be run by the CHE as additional more subject-specific INSET – which again will be free to network participants.
  • We are also planning a trip for staff and sixth formers to Krakow & Auschwitz-Birkenau in 2016.

P Ginnings, Lead Teacher for delivery of the Beacon School in Holocaust Education programme

Ounsdale High School

Tel: 01902 89217


Launch Event Invictus VI

We would like to invite you to our exciting brand new Sixth Form launch event taking place on 20th October 2015 at Himley Hall between 6:00 – 9:00pm.


Invictus Sixth Form will bring together the very best in teaching, learning and achievement from Ellowes Hall, Crestwood, Ounsdale and Kinver High Schools together with the social and enrichment opportunities of the best FE Colleges.

The event has three presentations taking place in the main hall, one at 6:00pm, 7:00pm and 8:00pm.  You will also have the opportunity to view the courses on offer at each campus in separate rooms throughout the evening.

For more information please call 01902 891701 and ask to speak to Miss J Kendrick Director of Invictus Sixth Form or email

For extra information about the launch and the courses on offer please click on the links below:




Hire this Venue

Looking for the perfect venue to host your next event or production?


Ounsdale High School comes well equipped with professional facilities and experienced production staff that will ensure your production has that vital professional finish. With the facilities and equipment to cater for events such as musicals/pantomimes, dance events and festivals, live music nights, amateur dramatic productions, presentation evenings, film nights and conferences, Ounsdale High School is able to deliver every requirement needed to make sure your next production is a hit. Competitive prices and production staff with years of experience in the theatre and events industry means that your show will have that high end finish, without the high end prices.

For more infomation and contact details please click on the link below

[button url=”” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”skyblue” ]Venue Hire[/button]




Day Tours Still Available

Choosing the right school for your child will be one of the most important decisions that you make and we appreciate how daunting this can be as a parent.

We hope that you had the chance to visit us on our Open Evening which took place on Thursday 24th September, however, there is still an opportunity to view our school and the exceptional opportunities that we offer during a working day.  If you would like to find out more or arrange a tour please call our main reception on 01902 892178 and speak to Mrs Parsons.

Please be aware that the deadline for applications is 31st October.  If you would like to make your application to Staffordshire or Dudley Admissions Online please click on the relevant button below which will take you directly to the correct page:

[button url=”” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”skyblue” ] Online Admissions Staffordshire  [/button]

[button url=”” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”skyblue” ]        Online Admissions Dudley        [/button]

GCSE Celebrations

Congratulations to all of our students who received their GCSE and vocational results today. We know how stressful and agonising the wait for results is and are delighted that the hard work and commitment of students and staff have been rewarded. We are also very grateful to parents for their support.

This year 73% of students gained A*-C in English and 67% gained A*-C in Maths.

We have had some very impressive individual student results. This year’s top performer was

Matilda Osborne              7 A* and 3 A

Other excellent performances included:

Charlotte Jones                 5 A* and 6 A

Anna Longman                 3 A* and 7 A

Olivia Francis                    3 A*, 5 A and 2B

Anna Solecki                      2 A*, 7 A and 1 B

Ruby George                       2 A*, 4 A, 2B and Distinction

Philippa Churchill            1 A*, 7A and 1B

James Lander                    8 A and 2 B

Bethany Logan                  8 A and 2 B

Charlotte Clifton               7 A and 2 B

Grace Boyling                    1 A*, 5 A and 3 B

Daniel Marsh                     3 A*, 3 A and 2 B

Thomas Corbett                 6 A and 3 B

We are proud of the results that all of our students have achieved and wish them well for the next exciting phase of their lives.

A Level Celebrations

Congratulations to all of our students who received their ‘A’ level and Level 3 vocational results. Ounsdale has once again had another impressive set of results with some excellent individual performances.

The school’s top performer this year was Maggie Taylor who gained ‘A’ grades in Biology, Business Studies and Psychology. Maggie will be studying Psychology at The University of Kent next year.

Other students who performed particularly well were:

Cain Zambra-Ashwin      Chemistry (A*) Mathematics (B) Biology (B) Physics (B)

                                                University of Birmingham – Chemistry

Jack Tudor                           Performing Arts (Distinction*) Government and Politics (B) History (B)

                                                University of Birmingham – Political Science

Jake Wall                             Psychology (A) Biology (B) Chemistry (B)

                                                University of Warwick – Biomedical Science

Chelsea Watkiss                Sociology (A) Drama (B) English Literature (B)

                                                University of East Anglia – English Literature

Sarah Morgan                    Chemistry (B) Biology (B) Psychology (B)

                                                University of Sheffield – Orthoptics

We are proud of the results that all of our students have achieved through their hard work and commitment and wish them well for the next exciting phase of their lives.

Newsletter July 2015

Please take the time to view our newsletter by clicking on the link below.  Here you will find information and updates regarding times for students to be in school on our return in September, celebrations and congratulations stories, the house system and much more.

Newsletter July 15

Ounsdale School Transport

Ounsdale High School offers a school transport service to and from school for students who fall outside of the county defined catchment area.

For more information or if your son/daughter wishes to request a seat on our school transport please click on the link below:

Ounsdale School Transport

Year 5 Activity Days

Over the course of 3 days, over 200 year 5 students from 7 different primary schools came into Ounsdale to grab a taste of what life and eductaion would be like at the secondary stage.

Students took part in exciting activites of ‘Furious Frenzy of Flame’ in sciene, ‘Musical Melody’ in music, and ‘Pizza Expressions’ in food technology.

Please click on the links below for the photo’s:

Tuesday 2nd June – Blakeley Heath Primary School & Bhylls Acre

Part 1  Part 2

Wednesday 3rd June – All Saints CE, Alder Coppice & St Batholomew’s Primary School

Part 1  Part 2

Thursday 4th June – Westfield Community Primary & St Bernadette’s

Part 1  Part 2







Ounsdale Food Appeal

On Thursday 11th and Friday 12th June Mrs Blake along with her tutor group are organising a Food Appeal “A Metre of Tins”.  This is a regular event where Ounsdale will be giving back to the community by collecting donations of food for those in need in Wolverhampton.

We are asking that each pupil brings in at least one tin of food on Thursday 11th or Friday 12th June; these will be collected during tutor time (or assembly for Year 10) and taken to the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd in Wolverhampton who on an average day feed 200 people.

Along with this food appeal Mrs Blake is running a House competition for all students. Which house will collect the most tins and help us to reach our goal of a metre cubed of tins!

Thank you in advance for all your support with this appeal.

New Lunch Menu

As of the 1st of June, a new lunch menu will be introduced here at Ounsdale. Three new weekly menus will be launched and will rotate each week.

Here are some important things for you to know:

  • There will be no change in the price for school meals
  • A brand new lunch and mid morning break menu will launch 1st June
  • Meals will be or exceed government food and nutrition standards
  • Children will enjoy theme days based on global cuisine
  • Allergen information is available for the menu

Please click on the link below for our new menu:

New School Menu

Year 8 School Examinations

As you may be aware, Year 8 students are due to have school examinations during the week beginning 29th June.   These exams will take place in most subjects and the main purpose of them will be to give the students a chance to experience an intensive exam period which we hope will help prepare them for future exams.  It will also provide additional information for teachers about the students’ progress which will be especially helpful for staff when they are planning work for Year 9.

Please click on the link below for more details:

Year 8 School Examinations

Y8 exams June 2015



GCSE Science & BTEC Business Exams

Arrangements for Year 10 GCSE Science and BTEC Business Exams.

Please make sure that your child continues to prepare for their examinations and that they are fully prepared on the day of the exam ready to sit the papers. This includes being fully equipped (see exams letter to Y10 parents – copy on news section of the website)

GCSE Science Exams

Friday 5th June – Biology – Afternoon Exam

Tuesday 9th June – Chemistry – Afternoon Exam

Friday 12th June – Physics – Afternoon Exam

Year 10 GCSE Science students have permission to study at home on the morning of their exams but must be in school no later than 12.30pm to attend their exam briefing.

Exam briefings will be held before each exam in the main hall at 12.30pm.

Students will attend normal lessons after their examination.

BTEC Business Finance Exam

Year 10 BTEC Business students have permission to study at home on the afternoon of Thursday 25th June. They should sign out at reception at lunchtime.

Friday 26th June – morning exam (9.00am start)

There will be an exam briefing at 8.30am on Friday 26th June in Room 3 

Please make sure that your child continues to revise for all of their examinations (external and internal) and that they are fully prepared on the day of each exam ready to sit the papers. This includes being fully equipped (see exams letter to Y10 parents – copy on news section of the website

A copy of the internal examination timetable for Year 10 can be found on the parents section of the website under exams.  


Questionnaire 2015

Your feedback is a vital factor in our school’s progression, giving us an important insight as to how the school is viewed and how improvements can be made.

We are therefore starting the process of doing questionnaires with parents and students over the next month:

  • KS4  students will do these during morning registration before Easter
  • Parents will be sent details about doing them straight after Easter – watch out for an e-mail on 20 April!
  • KS3 students will do the questionnaires in ICT lessons after the holiday

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Laffey at the school.

Please click on the link below for the 2015 questionnaire:

Questionnaire 2015

Instructions for Parents Completing Questionnaire 2015







2015-16 Academic Year Term Dates

There has now been a change in dates for next years Spring Holiday/Summer term (2016)

 Spring holiday 2016

Holiday = Fri 25th March – Fri 8th April

Summer Term 2016

Commences on Monday 11th April 2016


Absences During Term Time

As parents know we expect all students to attend school during term time unless they are ill or there are exceptional circumstances that prevent them from attending. We do not authorise holidays during school time and where parents do request leave for holidays, absences are unauthorised. We also advise parents in the letter that we send in response to this request that they may be fined if they take their child out of school.

Parents need to be aware that following changes to Staffordshire Attendance Policy the school’s process for implementing penalty notices will change from 20th April 2015 and this will have implications for parents who book holidays during term time.

Details of the background to the change and implications are explained in the attached letter from Anne Halliday, Staffordshire’s Commissioner for Education and Well Being.

Please click on the link below for more details:

Letter to parents absence policy update March 15

Exams and Masterclasses

As I know you will be aware the examination season is now upon us with students already involved in practical examinations. The Easter holidays are a key time for Year 11 students to undertake intensive, independent revision and we hope that your child will make good use of their two weeks off school to help boost their exam grades. Written examinations are also approaching fast and as we enter the final phase of our GCSE and BTEC programmes we want to make you aware of the arrangements that we have made to support your child during the remaining weeks. Lessons will continue after Easter until the timetable is modified to accommodate the written examinations.

Please click on the links below for more infomation:

Year 11 Exam Preparation – Letter to Parents 2015

Exams and masterclasses 2015

Summer 2015 GCSE exams



Gold Medalist Coming To Ounsdale

As an elite athlete Danielle Brown was not only being World Number 1 for her entire career as a Paralympian, but successfully made the crossover to the able-bodied field. Stress is something that Danielle knows a lot about and spent years producing results when she had to perform brilliantly.

 The similarities between sport and education are uncanny. Students work incredibly hard leading up to their exams and, in the same way as an athlete, are expected to perform on the day. Stress is an integral part of the exam period, but Danielle is now offering students a way to control their exam nerves so they reduce the risk of nerves negatively interfering with their exam performance.

Danielle Brown will be coming to Ounsdale High School on the 1st of May and will be providing a free inspirational talk to students preparing for their GCSEs and A Levels, offering them inspiration as well as one technique to help them control their nerves.

Year 10 Revision And Exam Preparation

The final term of the year is going to be a busy time for Year 10. There are external GCSE Science and RE examinations for almost all Y10 students and there will be mock examinations for everybody in all other GCSE subjects. It is essential that students are adopting good study habits as they prepare for these examinations and I thought it would be helpful to update parents on how you can support your child to reach their full potential.

Year 10 Exam Letter To Parents

Easter School Timetable

Please read the infomation below as to what is happening within the school during the Easter holiday:

Friday 10th April:

  • Resistant Materials: 9.00am – 3.00pm, NGI, Room 26

Monday 13th April:

  • PE: 10.00am – 2.00pm, HOS, Room 19

Tuesday 14th April:

  • Spanish: 10.00am – 3.00pm, KWA, Room 10

Wednesday 15th April:

  • Art: 9.00am – 3.00pm, NPR, Room 35
  • Business Studies: 9.00am – 1.00pm, MFE, Room 32

Thursday 16th April:

  • ICT: 9.00am – 11.30am R002, 12:30 – 3.00pm R005, NGO, Room 1
  • Drama: 9.00am – 3.00pm, KAD, Main Hall

Friday 17th April:

  • English: 9.30am – 3.00pm, RAR & STH, Room 15

For a printable version of the Easter School Timetable please click on the link below:

Easter School Timetable 2015


Academy Conversion

It is over a year now since we first started exploring the idea of becoming an academy and I am delighted to let you know that on 1st March 2015, Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, confirmed that Ounsdale High School has now converted to academy status as a founder member of the INVICTUS Multi Academy Trust. We are entering a very exciting new phase in the life of the school and I am extremely grateful to Governors, staff, parents and students for their contribution and feedback during this process.  The legal requirements for becoming an academy are quite complex and we were fortunate to have the support of our local MP Gavin Williamson and advice of Browne Jacobson solicitors to guide us through what at times has been a very challenging process.

Please click on the link below for more infomation:

Academy Special Edition






Compton Hospice Charity Concert

On Tuesday 3rd of March, Ounsdale High School & Sixth Form students took part in a charity event dedicated to raising money for Compton Hospice. During the evening students took to the stage to show off their incredible vocal talent infront of a large audience, performing songs they had chosen or even writen, as a solo, duet, or even a trio.

Incredible raffle prizes were also donated to the cause and students baked cakes to be sold during the interval of the show. A huge congratulations to all staff and students as a magnificent £320 was raised for Compton Hospice. Thank you to those who took part in the event and a massive thank you for your support.

.                                      DSC_0096new

Ancient History Visit To Rome

The first part of February half-term saw a party of Ancient History students and staff, visit the Italian capital, Rome.

The trip was designed to introduce the students to many of the ancient sites, monuments and artefacts that they have been covering in the Ancient History curriculum. Amongst some of the activities, students visited the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the ancient Roman Port of Ostia. Highlights also included a visit to Vatican City, the Capitoline and Ara Pacis museums and a last evening meal at Rome’s Hard Rock Cafe!

The weather, hotel and food during the trip was very good and the overall feedback was that it had been a great success. Our students in particular have been commended for their behaviour, good manners and total enthusiasm over the five days, even in the face of some of the gruelling walks they had to face. They were a credit to Ounsdale High School

They took with them a teddy bear (as yet unnamed!) who visited all the historical sites with them – see photo’s below.

The teddy is trying to raise money for cancer research and at the end of the trip students who wished to do so donated their left over Euro coins to the fund, raising the magnificent total of £82.  We thank everyone involved for their generosity.

If you would like to read more about the ted’s adventures please visit his facebook page:

Please note that you are very welcome to “like” the facebook page but the bear is not allowed to accept friend requests from students.

rome rome 2 rome 3 rome 4



Study Room

In order to support students who sometimes struggle to meet the expectations of school we are now introducing a ‘Study Room’ separate from normal lessons to support these students in school, avoid the need to exclude from school and prevent disruption to other student’s learning.

Students who are placed in the study room will follow a modified school day, arriving at 9.15am and leaving at 3.15pm. For further details please read the attached document.

Children In Need – Well Done!



A huge congratulations to Ounsdale staff and students for their efforts today in raising a fantastic £1533.00 for Children In Need.

There were many events taking place including ‘Dress As A Super Hero’, student donations, ‘Beat the Teacher PE Competition’, cake sale, raffle and a dance off during lunch time.

The raffle winners and prizes were:

Sophie Legge – Thornton’s Special Toffee

Mrs Fisher – iDude Speaker

Ellie Friend – Box of Jelly Babies

Mrs Khahk – Dairy Milk Biscuits

Matthew Perks – £10 Boots Voucher

Mrs Mitchell – Pudsey Cake

Ellie Rozewicz – Pudsey Bear

A special thank you to Mrs Jones, Mrs Chapman and Mrs Woodus along with the sixth form students for organising a fun day.

The Ounsdale House System

This half term has seen the introduction of the eagerly awaited house system at Ounsdale.

Staff and students have all been involved in the biggest decision of all – house names! A range of different suggestions were put forward and a vote took place that produced an emphatic winner…. EXPLORERS.

DRAKE – Head of House – Mrs Stokes – House Colour – Yellow

RALEIGH – Head of House – Mr Askin – House Colour – Red

FIENNES – Head of House – Mr Donoghue – House Colour – Green

SCOTT – Head of House – Miss Osborn – House Colour – Blue

Please click on the link below for more details:

The Ounsdale House System Introduction

Ounsdale GCSE Results Well Above National Average

It’s Official!

Following publication of the provisional official DFE figures for national GCSE performance of students gaining 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths, I am pleased to confirm that Ounsdale students performed well above students nationally. The school’s 5 A*-C with English and Maths was 61% whilst the national figure for all school is 52.6%.

Congratulations once again to students, staff,  parents and Governors on an excellent set of results.

Making A Success of Year 11 – Notes for Parents

Thank you to those parents who attended this evening on 8th October 2014. We hope that you found it informative and beneficial.

Please find below a link to the notes from this meeting. I have included all of the details covered as a reminder and parents who were unable to attend should find these helpful.

The key points to remember are:

  • National standards and expectations for GCSE have been raised and students and parents need to be aware of this.
  • Effective preparation is essential throughout Year 11 if your child is to maximise their chances of success
  • Any gaps in knowledge or lack of understanding of work covered in Year 11 needs to be addressed immediately
  • Students need to act upon advice given and work every day to be the very best that they can be.

Making a Success of Year 11 – notes for parents


Making a Success of Year 10 – Notes for Parents

Thank you to those parents who attended this evening on 2nd October 2014. We hope that you found it informative and beneficial.

Please find below a link to the notes from this meeting. I have included all of the details covered as a reminder and parents who were unable to attend should find these helpful.

The key points to remember are:

  • National standards and expectations for GCSE have been raised and students and parents need to be aware of this.
  • Effective preparation is essential throughout the two years of KS4 if your child is to maximise their chances of success
  • Students need to act upon advice given and work every day to be the very best that they can be. 

Making a Success of Year 10 – notes for parents


September 2014 News Letter

Please click on the link below to view our September News Letter.  Here you will find information and updates about exam results, term dates, uniform and the school’s exciting news about becoming a founder member of the multi academy trust – Invictus, plus much more.

News Letter September 14

Making A Success of Year 10

Welcome back to what is set to be the most exciting and challenging school year yet for you and your child as they begin their Key Stage 4 courses.

We know from experience that the best way to ensure your child’s success is for us to work together to make sure that they know exactly what is expected of them and that they take full advantage of the opportunities offered this year to support them.

We would like to invite you to a meeting on Thursday 2nd October where we will:

  • Clarify the key differences between KS4 and KS3 courses
  • Confirm our expectations for Year 10 students so you are clear about these and can work with us to ensure your child’s success
  • Set out the timetable for the year identifying the key dates and deadlines including the external examinations that your child will be sitting at the end of Year 10
  • Explain the strategies that we will be using to support and challenge your child across their subjects
  • Share with you some of the success stories and issues/problems that students had in Year 10 last year so that your child can benefit from their positive experiences and avoid past mistakes
  • Give you the opportunity to ask any questions or share any concerns about the year ahead

We hope that all Year 10 parents will be able to attend not least because (as I am sure you are aware from this summer’s media stories relating to the exams) there have been significant changes to the examinations system which are likely to have implications for your child and we want you to be fully informed about what these changes could mean.

Please let us know if you are able to attend by contacting the school office.

Invictus – we would like your feedback

Dear Parents

As you will know from information previously provided, we are in the process of applying to become part of the INVICTUS Multi Academy Trust with Ellowes Hall, Edgecliff and Crestwood Schools. During the summer holidays we were delighted to receive notification from the Minister for Education, Nicky Morgan, that the Department for Education has given permission for us to convert to an academy and become a founder member of the INVICTUS Multi Academy Trust.

We would like your feedback regarding this, please click on the following link for more details:

Parents written consultation letter Sept 14


Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students who collected their final results on Thursday 21st August. As always we are delighted that the hard work and commitment of students and staff have been rewarded and are grateful for the support of parents.

This year 70% of students gained A* – C in English and 71% gained A* – C in Maths.

There were some very impressive individual performances and the school’s top performer this year was Megan Kiely who achieved 9 A* grades and two A’s.

Congratulations also to:

Joe Atton; 8 A* grades, 2 As and 1 B

Bradney Smith; 1 A* with distinction, 6 A*s, 3 As and a Distinction

Kieran Parrott; 1 A* with distinction, 6 A*, and 4 A s

Jack Tomlinson; 1 A* with distinction, 6 A* and 4 A s

William Goudie; 5 A*, 3 A s and 3 Bs

James Robinson; 5 A*, 4 As and 1 B

Hannah Parker; 4 A*, 4 As and 2 B s

Ellie Turner; 4 A*s 4 As and 2 B s

We are also very proud of two of our students who have taken higher examination courses early.

Bradney Smith from Year 11 gained an A grade in ‘A’ level Maths this summer alongside his impressive GCSE results.

Kyle Lashley from Year 10 gained an A* in GCSE Spanish.


Congratulations to all of our Year 13 ‘A’ level students who collected their final results yesterday. As always we are delighted that the hard work and commitment of students and staff have been rewarded and are also grateful for the support of parents.

Our ‘A’ level pass rate for this year is an impressive 99% with 71% of grades awarded at A*-C. There were some very impressive individual performances including Richard Hall who achieved Mathematics (A), Chemistry (A) and Physics (B) and will be taking up a place at the University of Bristol in September.

Adam Evans also deserves special congratulations after deciding to stay at Ounsdale for an additional year to take up Physics ‘A’ level to support his career intentions. Adam gained an A in Physics and A in Further Maths this summer to go with the A* in Maths, A in Chemistry and Distinction in ICT he achieved last year. Adam has accepted a place at Birmingham University to study Physics.

All of our students have been accepted at the university of their choice and are now looking forward to the next exciting stage in their lives. We wish them well and thank each and everyone for their contribution to the life of the school.

Christine Brown





14th AUGUST 2014





AQA = £44.00  Edexcel = £41.20  OCR = £48.60




AQA = £37.00  Edexcel = £36.00  OCR = £39.30



22nd AUGUST 2014

(Photocopies in school by no later than 10th September 2014)

AQA = £12.25  Edexcel = £10.30  OCR = £9.80



(Original scripts in school by no later than 14th November 2014)

AQA = £9.60  Edexcel = £7.75  OCR = £9.40




21st AUGUST 2014




AQA = £32.00,  Edexcel = £23.20,  OCR = £39.30,  WJEC = £35.00



(Scripts should be in school by no later than

14th November 2014)

AQA = £9.60,  Edexcel = £10.30,  OCR = £9.40,  WJEC = £9.00



If you have any enquiries regarding exams or results please contact Cathy Riley on 01902 891706 or email

Year 5 Induction Day

Local Primary Schools from Wombourne and Penn visited us this week to experience life in secondary school.

They enjoyed setting their teachers on fire in science and using their detective skills to determine ‘who killed Mrs Holmes’. In Food Technology they designed and made fantastic expressive pizza faces and enjoyed a Musical Masterclass singing, playing keyboard, guitar and drums. Great fun was had by all!

Please click on the following links to view the photos from the three days:

Year 5 Induction Day 1

Year 5 Induction Day 2

Year 5 Induction Day 3

Ounsdale Year 11 Leavers Prom


26th June 2014

Arrival 6.30 onwards for 7pm start and 11pm finish.


Village Hotel Dudley

Ticket includes reception drink, complimentary Sweet Station, Hot and cold buffet, professional Prom photographer and Photo booth for dressing up..and includes complimentary keepsake keyring. The bar will be serving  soft drinks please see attached price list

Beverage Prices:

Soft Drinks

Coke                  330ml               £2.45
Minerals              200ml               £2.25
Minerals              125ml               £2.05
Draught               16oz                £2.40
J20                   275ml               £2.50
Water                 330ml               £1.85


Invictus – A Different Kind of Trust

We would like to introduce you to a very exciting development for Ounsdale High School. As you will see from the letter and leaflet below, Governors have decided after extensive research and discussion to form a Multi Academy Trust with three other secondary schools. These schools are Edgecliff High School in Kinver, Ellowes Hall School in   Gornal, and Crestwood School in Kingswinford.

Please click on the following links for more information:

Invictus Letter to Parents

Invictus Leaflet For Parents

Exam Information

Year 8:

As you may have spotted in the student planner, Year 8 students are due to have school exams during the week beginning 30th June 2014.   The main purpose of these exams will be to give the students a chance to experience an intensive exam period which we hope will help prepare them for future exams.

Please click on the following link for more information regarding the Year 8 exams:

Y8 Exams Letter May 2014

Year 10:

The last half term of the year is going to be a busy time for Year 10. There are external Science examinations for most Y10 students and there will be mock GCSE examinations for everybody.

The links below contains timetables and information for all the Yr 10 exams:

Y10 Exam Letter May 2014

Y10 Exams June 2014

School Residential Visits 2014-15

At Ounsdale, we pride ourselves on offering our students a wide range of visits.  Sometimes these are part of the compulsory curriculum but more often they are experiences which enhance the curriculum without being an essential part of it.

 Please click on the following link for information about school residential visits that have happened in 2014-15. Details about 2015-16 vists will be available in the summer term.

2014-15 residentials


Year 10 Basketball Team Make The Finals

Ounsdale are very proud and would like to congratulate our Year 10 Baskball Team who played at Cheslyn Hay school on 28th January in the Basketball finals against teams from Cheslyn Hay and Codsall. The boys played really well and after playing 2 games, remain unbeaten to date. We had a very close game, that could have gone either way, against Codsall. After a very tense final minutes of play, we won with a scoreline of 8-6.

Therefore, the boys are now through to the county finals (level 3 games) at Fenton Manor Sports Complex on February 11th. The students who represented the school are:

Adam Purcell, Dominic Bryan, Jack Hussey, James McKeown, Sam Cambridge & Luke Smith

Good luck and best wishes for the finals!!

HMI Monitoring Visit December 2013

On Monday 16th December 2013 we received a monitoring visit from OFSTED HMI Kevin Sheldrick to review the progress we have made since the school was inspected in September 2013.  Mr Sheldrick was very positive about the improvements that we have made and has given details of what else we should do to support further improvement.

HMI stated that:

  • Senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the recent section 5 inspection.
  • There have been notable improvements in teachers’ marking.
  • Pupils were engaged in the lessons seen and teachers are using a wide range of activities to actively involve pupils in their learning.
  • The leaders responsible for improving teaching have an astute awareness of the issues that need to be addressed.
  • Assessment information is being used more effectively to hold leaders to account.
  • As a result of the out of lesson support provided by teaching assistants, special needs students have made impressive gains so their reading ages are now closer to their chronological ages.
  • The school was able to present very clear evidence that the gap in achievement between students’ eligible for free school meals and others is reducing because they are being much more carefully monitored.
  • The school’s improvement plan is comprehensive and contains many indicators that can be used to check regularly the progress being made.
  • The governing body has taken steps to improve its effectiveness and the minutes indicate that the governing body is asking more questions about key aspects of the work of the school.

We are committed to continuing the rapid pace of improvement at the school as set out in the OFSTED Action Plan and in particular are looking to ensure that:

  • Teaching consistently ensures pupils work at a fast pace
  • We set shorter term targets, particularly for students eligible for free school meals that demonstrate an expectation that these pupils will make good progress
  • The governing body has access to an independent source of advice

We will continue to update parents about the impact of the actions we are taking to support the school’s improvement and as always welcome any comments or feedback that parents wish to make.

Christine Brown


Please click on the link below for full details.

HMI Monitoring Visit 16th Dec 2013

Work Experience Directory

The directory of ‘Work Experience’ contacts is now available.

Use the button below to display the directory.

[button url=”” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”skyblue” ]Work Experience Contacts[/button]

Christmas Newsletter 2013

On behalf of the staff and Governors we would like to wish students, parents and friends of the school a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Here is our 5th e-newsletter, which we hope you will enjoy.

[button url=”” target=”_self” size=”small” style=”skyblue” ]Newsletter Christmas 2013[/button]

Celebrations at GCSE Presentation Evening

The GCSE presentation evening is always a very special event in the school’s calendar as students, parents, staff and Governors gather together to award subject prizes and examination certificates. Each year we invite a guest speaker to make the awards and this year Gavin Williamson MP (Member of Parliament for South Staffordshire and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister) joined us to share his experiences, recognise the students’ success and encourage them to strive to achieve their goals. In addition to awarding examination certificates we also award special prizes to those students who have excelled in their performance. We are grateful to the sponsors of these prizes for their support in helping us to recognise and reward performance at such an impressive level.

We are very proud of our students and their achievements and whether they have chosen to continue their education at Ounsdale, are attending college or taking up employment through apprenticeships or training, we wish them all well in the future and look forward to hearing of their future successes.

This year’s prize winners were:

Best Result at GCSE Cup – Amy Boswell

(Donated by: Mr P Jordan)

Holroyde Prize – Charlotte Summers

(Donated by: Dr H Holroyde MA)

Contribution to the Arts Trophy – Marinus Augostine

(Donated by: Mr J T Hill)

Physical Education Cup – Maisie Duckworth

(Donated by: Abbiss of Wombourne)

Design and Technology: Resistant Materials Cup – Jason Green

(Donated by: Mr & Mrs Cartwright)

Design and Technology: Graphics Cup – Megan Broome

(Donated by: Mr & Mrs Ward)

Design and Technology: Food Prize – Maisie Duckworth

(Donated by: Mrs C Dore)

Geography Prize – Benjamin Adams

(Donated by: Mr G Hoppington)

Business Studies Prize – William Lochhead

Artist of the Year Cup – Philippa Traynor

(Donated by: Mr & Mrs Cartwright)

Drama Trophy – Charlotte Green

(Donated by: Mr and Mrs R L Collins)

Dance Prize – Sarai Johnson

Media Studies Cup – Todd Lewis

(Donated by: The Kelly family)

Cllr Mrs Joan Williams Cup Awarded for Science – Maggie Taylor

Science BTEC Prize – Jessica Evans

Mathematics Prize – Benjamin Jarvis

(Donated by: Mr & Mrs R D Garbett)

Religious Education Prize – Paige Ward

(Donated by: Mrs P Holder)

Music Shield – Olivia Ives

(Donated by: Mr & Mrs Cartwright & Mr Cottis)

Information Technology Prize – Charlotte Lem

Modern Foreign Languages: German & French – Romily Trice

Health and Social Care Prize – Eleanor Howe

History Prize – Marinus Augostine

(Donated by: Rotary Club of Sedgley & Wombourne)

English Prize – Chelsea Watkiss

(Donated by: Mrs G Thirlby)

Construction Prize Student of the Year 2012-13 – Demi Stackhouse

Children In Need 2013

Staff and students of Ounsdale are incredibly proud of the outstanding £1247.88 raised for Children In Need 2013.  The events taking place included fancy dress, ‘where a onsie’, a student vs staff penalty shoot out, a raffle and cake stall.  The day was not only fun but very rewarding and we would like to thank Mrs Woodus, Mrs Chapman and the sixth form students who helped to coordinate the days events.

Celebrating Sporting Success

On Thursday 10th October Ounsdale’s PE Department hosted their third successful Sports Awards Ceremony at Wombourne Civic Centre.  The evening was enjoyed by students and staff, along with friends and relatives.

We were delighted and entertained by our guest speaker, Mr Alan Wiley, a former Premier League Football Referee who took questions from guests.

The evening was also an opportunity to see how talented and creative our students are as we were impressed by a contemporary dance performance by Rhiannon Shipley who performed with her cousin, Catriona Taylor and a street dance performance by Arnav Sharma.

The award ceremony was a celebration to acknowledge the excellence, commitment, team work and determination shown throughout  students’ participation within their sporting activities.  All students should be very proud to have been nominated for their awards.

Winners and nominations were as follows:

The Sports Personality of the Year Award was deservedly won by Tom Hussey

John Rothery Cup for Year 7 Boys: James Fletcher, Tom Cottis, Winner – Tom Hunt

John Rothery Cup for Year 7 Girls: Tara Salt, Lucia Johnson, Winner – Rosie Taylor

John Rothery Cup for Year 8 Boys: Jack Lewis, Jake Walton, Winner – Oliver Southall

John Rothery Cup for Year 8 Girls: Annabel Goudie, Natalie Galway, Winner – Ellie Slater

John Rothery Cup for Year 9 Boys: Jon Blower, Sam Hadley, Winner – Joe Millichamp

John Rothery Cup for Year 9 Girls: Katie Evans, Cara Bird, Winner – Grace Boyling

John Rothery Cup for Year 10 Boys: Daniel Holmes, Will Goudie, Winner – Noel Howell

John Rothery Cup for Year 10 Girls: Madyson Dunning, Gemma Evans, Winner – Rebecca Linney

John Rothery Cup for Year 11 Boys: Tom Hussey, Jake Thompson, Winner – Kyle Pearson

John Rothery Cup for Year 11 Girls: Maisie Duckworth, Megan Priest, Winner – Rebecca Jacobs

The GCSE PE Award was won by Maisie Duckworth

The BTEC PE Award was won by Charlotte Linney

The A Level PE Award was won by Olivia Churchill

The Team of the Year Award was won by the Year 11 Football Team

Fantastic Performance for Shakespeare School Festival

21 students from Year 9 and 10 performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham on Wednesday 24th  October as part of the Shakespeare School Festival. The performance was a great success and the students concerned had a fantastic experience and can be very proud of having performed in a professional theatre to a professional standard!  Well done to all students and staff involved, we are very proud of the excellent talent and representation of Ounsdale.

OFSTED Inspection September 2013

On 25th September we received a phone call from OFSTED to advise us that they would be visiting the school on the 26th and 27th September 2013 to review provision under their revised Framework for Inspecting Schools. The report of their findings is now available and details of the key strengths and areas for improvement are shown below.

 OFSTED identified the following strengths of the school:

  • The sixth form is good. Standards are rising. Good leadership has brought about improvements in teaching and learning
  • Students have positive attitudes to learning. They work well with each other and on their own.
  • The most able students are making increasingly good progress.
  • Students’ behaviour is good. They feel safe in the school, are polite and treat each other with respect.
  • Students attend regularly and persistent absence is rare.

 They also identified the areas where the school needs to focus its improvements:

  •  Teachers do not always match the work set to students’ abilities. This means that some groups of students are not making good enough progress.
  • Marking is not always detailed enough. This means that sometimes students do not always know what they need to do to improve their work, and are not able to show quick improvements.
  • GCSE results in English and Mathematics have been inconsistent in recent years and the school’s leaders have not ensured sustained improvements over time.
  • Boys are not doing as well in English as girls and this gap has grown in recent years.
  • School leaders do not always identify underachievement at an early enough stage to provide the necessary support.
  • School leaders and governors could be more effective in checking to see whether the extra help for students supported by the pupil premium is having the intended impact.
  • Governors should challenge senior staff more over the underachievement of groups of students and the governing body could be more effective in holding the school to account for its performance.

During the Inspection the team saw clear evidence of the improvements we have made in improving standards of attainment (which are above the national average), they saw examples of good and outstanding teaching and recognised the potential of the changes that have been made to strengthen leadership and management. However, their view was that the school requires improvement because these changes have not yet had enough impact on ensuring good provision for all groups of students and provision is not always as consistent as it should be.

Through our own self evaluation mechanisms we were already aware of the areas for improvement identified by OFSTED and had already put plans in place to address these.  However, since the Inspection we have reviewed these plans again and produced an OFSTED Action Plan to ensure that these specific areas for improvement are addressed as quickly and effectively as possible. The OFSTED Action Plan will be shared with the Local Authority for their approval and we will also be visited by an OFSTED HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector) who will assess the progress we have made with our Action Plan. Details of the OFSTED Action Plan and outcomes of both of these visits will be published on the school website.

As part of the inspection the team met with students and parents and also considered feedback given during the two days through Parent View. We appreciate the support and feedback from students and parents and will continue to seek student and parent views on the actions we are taking to improve the school during the course of this year. As always, parents are welcome to contact the school at any time to share any issues or concerns that they may have.

Christine Brown


October 2013

To view the full OFSTED Report please click on the link below.

Ounsdale High School OFSTED Report September 2013

Sixth Form Open Evening 24th October 2013 – 6-9pm

Ounsdale has a thriving and well established Sixth Form which we are very proud of and we would like to invite you to our Open Evening taking place on Thursday 24th October  from 6 – 9pm.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet our friendly and highly skilled staff and take a look at the wide range of courses we have to offer.

Celebrating an Impressive Year 7 Open Evening

We were delighted with the success of this year’s Open Evening for prospective parents and their children. The buzz around school was great and the feedback from those attending about what the school offers, the staff and the students was excellent. We are extremely grateful to all of our students who gave up their time to help on this evening and were extremely pleased to hear so many positive comments about how confident, helpful and happy they were. Well Done to all involved!

Year 6 Parents who were unable to attend the Open evening or who wish to visit the school during a normal working day are welcome to contact school to make an appointment.

September News Letter

Here is our 4th e-newsletter, which we hope you will enjoy.  It includes information about exam results, Autumn term dates, uniform updates, new staff and much more.

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GCSE Results

Celebrations as another impressive set of results are published!

Students and staff at Ounsdale High School were celebrating following the publication of an impressive set of GCSE results.  86% of students gained 5 or more GCSEs with 75% gaining an A*- C grade in Maths and 69% gaining an A*- C grade in English.

School’s STAR performers

Amy Boswell was the school’s top performer with 5A* and 5A grades, whilst Marinus Augostine achieved 4A*and 6A grades.

Principal Christine Brown said:

Year 11 students and staff have worked extremely hard and I am delighted that their efforts have been rewarded with such a fantastic set of results. There have been some outstanding individual student performances and we look forward to following the future success of all of our students as they take full advantage of the opportunities that these examination results will give them to continue their education and pursue exciting and rewarding careers.

Other outstanding individual performances included:

Kelly Warrington         3A*, 7A

Maggie Taylor             3A*, 6A, 1B

Phillippa Traynor         3A*, 5A, 2B

Romily Trice               3A*, 5A, 1B

Lily Morris                   3A*, 4A, 3B

Olivia Simpson            2A*, 7A, 1B

Emily Postins              2A*, 7A, 1B

Sam Parkes                2A*, 7A, 1B

Jake Wall                    2A*, 6A, 2B

Katie Cartwright          2A*, 6A, 1B, 1C

Chelsea Watkiss         2A*, 6A, 1B, 1C

Chloe Lewis                2A*, 4A, 4B

Catheryn Davies         1A*, 6A, 1B

Adam Clayton             1A*, 5A, 4B

Victoria Brown            1A*, 5A, 3B

Todd Lewis                  9A, 2B, Distinction

Alice Meredith             8A, 2B

A’Level Results

Students and staff at Ounsdale High School were celebrating following the publication of impressive A2 results.  100% of students passed their ‘A’ levels with 43% gaining A*, A or B grades.

School’s STAR performer

Oliver Steel, demonstrated his ability as an academic star after picking up 3A* grades in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Chemistry and an A grade in Physics.

Oliver has a place at Warwick University to study Physics.

Headteacher Christine Brown said:

I am so proud that the efforts of students and staff have been rewarded with such a fantastic set of results. There have been some outstanding individual student performances and we are delighted that as a result of their hard work and success, Ounsdale students will be able to take up a wide range of challenging and exciting university courses.’

Other outstanding individual performances included:

Alex Reed : Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics (A), Biology (A), Physics (A)

Adam Evans : Mathematics (A*), Chemistry (A), ICT National (Distinction)

Olivia Churchill : Physical Education (A*) Biology (A), Mathematics (B)

George Millichamp : Business Studies (A*), Psychology (A), English Lang and Lit (B)

Sophie Baker : Psychology (A), Maths (A), Physical Education (B)

John Howell :  Business Studies (A), Psychology (B), Physical Education (B)

Alex Luckett : Music Tech (Distinction *) Business Studies (B), ICT National (Distinction)

Luke Green :  BTEC PE (Double Distinction), Sociology (B) Business Studies (B)

July Newsletter

Here is our 3rd e-newsletter, which replaces the traditional end of term Principal’s letter, which we hope you will enjoy.

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Bowled Over By Support

Keen cricket players at Ounsdale High School will now have the opportunity to practice their skills at school on a new artificial turf cricket pitch thanks to a generous grant from The Lord’s Taverners and support from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).  Matthew Askin, who trains the school team and is himself a member of the England Physical Disability Cricket Squad , said ‘this is a fantastic addition to the school’s sports facilities and we look forward to welcoming visiting teams from other schools as well as cricketers from Wombourne and Himley Cricket Clubs. Christine Brown, Principal, added that the school is also grateful to Gordon Lewis of Himley Cricket Club who prepared the bid and Dave Meageen, organiser of last year’s Wombourne Games, who provided some matched funding.


Ryan Quiney and Ben Hudson show exactly why the school needs a new cricket pitch!

Food Appeal: Friday 21st June 2013

On Friday 21st June Mrs Blake along with her tutor group are organising a Food Appeal “A Metre of Tins”.  This is the 2nd year running Ounsdale will be giving back to the community by collecting donations of food for those in need in Wolverhampton.

We are asking that each pupil brings in at least one tin of food on Friday 21st June; these will be collected during tutor time and taken to the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd in Wolverhampton who on an average day feed 200 people.

Along with this food appeal Mrs Blake is running a Maths competition for all KS3 and KS4 students, entry forms are given out during registration and spares can be found at reception.  The competition is linked to the appeal and students are asked to estimate the number of tins in a metre cubed.

Mobile Phones – Consultation

Consultation on the use of Mobile Phones and ‘Smart’ electronic devices such as music players

Smart phones, tablet PCs and music players such as ‘I-Pods’ are part of the world in which we live and they provide many benefits to us all. However, they do pose significant questions for schools as for all of the benefits they bring; there is also a downside to their existence and use. ‘Smart’ technology has transformed many electronic devices into ones that can access the ‘world wide web’ in an unrestricted, unguarded and potentially unsafe way. As nearly all modern devices such as phones and I-pods now have access to the internet there are great many more uses that these devices can be turned to, some good and some worryingly harmful.

Here at Ounsdale our current policy is to ban the use of all such devices in school for students in years 7 to 11 in order to prevent the negative impact of such devices on the educational progress and social well being of our school community. This policy has recently put us into conflict with several students for whom the use of such devices is perceived as a personal right and also with some parents who do not feel the school should prevent their children from using such devices. We feel that it is time for us as a school to ask our stakeholders; the students, parents and teachers to make some decisions about how we as a school community respond to the increasing use of electronic devices across society and specifically how we manage their use in school.

Whilst we accept that allowing children to have access to mobile phones and other electronic devices does give a greater degree of convenience to families who have to drop off and collect, and also does provide a greater sense of security, it is worth going over some of the reasons why we currently have policy of banning such devises at Ounsdale High School.

Most devices with ‘smart’ technology allow unfettered access to the internet and this is a significant cause of our concern. The school internet network is protected and restricted, with blocking software and secure access. If students bring in devices that can access the internet directly it means that much of this security system is negated. Smart phones allow ‘free and open’ access to social networking sites, pornography and other unsuitable sites. Students using ‘bluetooth’ can share information, images and sites without reference to the protections our school network has. We are aware of some instances of ‘cyberbullying’, ‘sexting’(sharing of pornographic imagery) and other inappropriate use of ‘smart’ technology having  taken place within school, not via the school network, but on student’s own smart phones, and this has required a significant amount of time to investigate and remedy. It is proving impossible for the government or police to control what happens in ‘cyberspace’ and this is also the case for schools.

We at Ounsdale feel that as technology advances, instances such as these will only increase and more and more of our resources will be moved to deal with misuse of mobile and electronic devices rather than on our core purpose of educating young people and helping them to succeed in the highly competitive global marketplace. If stakeholders felt that giving more access to these devices was the preferred option it would need to be done on the understanding that the school would not be responsible for policing the misuse of technology and that students and parents would need to take full responsibility for such actions.

Added to these concerns about the misuse of internet access is the concern that such devices are very expensive and a clear target for potential thieves. The theft, loss and damage to such devices can cause some distress to both students and parents alike who often want the school to direct resources to solving these issues rather than focussing on educational matters. Any decision to allow such devices in school would need to be done on the clear understanding that these devices were brought into school with the responsibility of the students and that the school would be in no way liable for theft, loss or damage.

As a school we have investigated the idea of a ‘blocking device’ that would block mobile phone signals on the school site. However, this is not a practical solution given our close proximity to the leisure centre and housing. Therefore we will need to find a solution that is not dependent upon such technology.

Given the information above we would like to ascertain a clearer picture of what our stakeholders would like the school’s policy towards mobile phones, electronic devices and other ‘smart’ technologies.

We are therefore asking that you contribute to this discussion by identifying a preference for how we move forward. In order to do this we have identified four possible approaches for the school to follow.

  1. Have a few restrictions placed on mobile phone use in school, allowing students to use them wherever and whenever they wish. The only restriction we would place is on students not using them in lessons or in the change over between lessons.
  2. Allow students to use mobile phones at before and after school times and at break or at lunchtimes, but not in lessons and not in classrooms even if not during lesson time.
  3. Do not allow students to use mobile phones in school at all (similar to the current position), but do allow VI Form students to use phones out of lessons.
  4. Completely ban mobile phones in school for all students in the school community (this would achieve a similar effect to a blocking device)

Once we have asked stakeholders for their feedback and have a clear and consensual agreement about what our school policy should be, we can then look at how we as a community enforce the policy and ensure that all members of our community work to support it.

Please could you indicate your preferred choice by logging onto the website identified below and following the instructions given? The password which is Oun2013 needs to be entered first, and then you can choose one of the four options. This online questionnaire will remain open until June 20th.

Once collated, this information will help to inform the basis of a new ‘Mobile Phone’ policy here at Ounsdale High School.

The survey can be found here :

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Washington DC Trip 2013

Sixth Form History & Politics visit to Washington DC is a great success!

During the Easter holidays, 27 sixth formers – accompanied by Mr Weatherhogg, Mr Ginnings & Mrs Dean – visited the United States’ capital city in support of their A Level studies in History and Politics. Over five days, they toured key historical and political sites, investigated significant museums and even participated in a spy mission! For further details and photos from this very successful educational visit, please take a look at our History department’s latest trip blog… 

April Newsletter

Here is our 2nd e-newsletter, which replaces the traditional end of term Principal’s letter, which we hope you will enjoy.

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Family Games Day at Wombourne Library

Why not come along to a fantastic FREE gaming day at Wombourne Library and blow away the winter blues on Saturday 23rd March 10:00am – 3:00pm. Lots of games for all ages and all the family to try:

Xbox 360 + Kinect with Sonic & Allstars racing transformed tournament

Wii Fit and lots of other gamesHand held consoles – Nintendo 3DSClassic Consoles – SEGA DreamcastWarhammer Fantasy wargaming introductory sessions for beginnersTraditional board gamesK’NexCard gamesYu-Gi-OhPlus much more…!Bring your own DS and Pokemon game!!
Free and open to all ages!

No experience necessary!

Saturday 23rd March

10:00am – 3:00pm


For further information please contact Wombourne Library on 01902 892032 or visit or

Comic Relief Fundraising – Friday 15th March

Comic Relief is celebrating 25 years this year and we have decided to run a variety of fundraising events between now and the 15th March 2013 to try and raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause.

‘Dress Red for Red Nose Day’ – All students can join in by dressing in red on Friday 15th March and paying £1 for the privilege! Money will be collected in tutor time by Sixth Form students.


If students want to do more to support, and raise money for this worthy cause we are asking them to choose some fundraising that they can do during the week of Comic Relief including any sponsored events.

‘Sponsored Events’ – sponsorship forms are available from reception or Mrs Green and might include for example a sponsored run/walk/cycle. Sponsored activities do not have to be completed in school but we would urge students to consider their safety and the safety of others when choosing their event. We would also ask that all monies be handed in by the 22nd March 2013.

‘Other Fundraising’ – other events could include cake sales, raffles and competitions; students who would like to organise some fundraising should speak to their Form Tutor.

‘Buy a Red Nose’ – Red noses are also on sale in Reception at £1 each. They come in 3 fantastic designs this year.

Although this will be a normal working day (and your child will need to bring all of the books and equipment they would normally have on a Friday) we hope that your child will enjoy taking part and thank you in advance for your support.

UPDATE :A total of £904.96 has been raised so far for Comic Relief. Well done to all students and staff involved.

Post 18 Futures Day Success

On Thursday 14th February, Ounsdale Year 12 students attended RAF Cosford for the first annual Post 18 Futures Day. On hand were over 20 providers from a range of universities, colleges and business to provide students with mock interviews and an exciting range of seminar options. Students commented how useful the day had been for them, especially commenting upon the feedback they received as part of the application and interview process. Providers were impressed with the mature approach adopted by the students, and the high quality of their applications / interviews.

Thank you to all of the providers who attended, the staff of RAF Cosford for helping the event run smoothly, and the students who took the event incredibly seriously and made the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Response to food supply concerns

As you may already be aware the school’s catering contract is operated by Staffordshire County Council and we have received the following information from them regarding concerns about possible contamination.

County Council Seeks Assurances on Food Supplies

Staffordshire County Council:

We are very aware in Catering Services the concerns of parents and staff of the recent issue relating to the contamination of horse meat within certain branded products.

Cllr Mark Winnington, Cabinet Member for Environment and Assets for Staffordshire County Council has sent out a press release on the subject as below:

Staffordshire County Council has gained assurances from its catering suppliers that meals served in schools and care establishments are not affected by meat contamination.

Following extensive media coverage of beef products contaminated with horse and other types of meat, the County Council acted swiftly to confirm that its services are unaffected.

Cllr Mark Winnington, Cabinet Member for Environment and Assets on Staffordshire County Council, said:

“People should have absolute confidence in what they are eating. As soon as we saw stories about contaminated meat, we contacted our suppliers to ensure that the County Council’s catering services were not affected.

“We have had assurances from all of our suppliers that neither they, nor their own suppliers buy beef products from those companies implicated in recent reports. However, we will continue to seek a cast iron guarantee on the quality and origin of the food we buy.

“It is our policy that where possible we source meat and other products from Staffordshire suppliers – in a current pilot over 20% of our schools are currently buying their meat from Staffordshire farms ensuring we get a high quality product, we know exactly where our meat comes from and in the process, we support the local economy. We hope to extend this pilot to all of our schools.

“In the meantime, our contracts with food suppliers continue to demand that they have comprehensive systems in place to show where all of their products come from.”

Staffordshire County Council supplies meals to 87% of schools in the county.


Ounsdale Sixth Form : Post 18 Futures Event – 14th February 2013

We are pleased to announce that Ounsdale students in Year 12 will be participating in a Post 18 Futures Day, to be held at RAF Cosford on Thursday 14th February 2013. Students will have the opportunity to experience a ‘real-life’ interview conducted by university admissions tutors, potential employers, or police force recruitment officers. After their interview students will receive both verbal and written feedback to help them prepare for their future beyond the Sixth Form. In addition to this students will attend seminar sessions on a wide variety of topics including GAP years, apprenticeships, ‘how to write a brilliant personal statement’ and the benefits of attending university. We are looking forward to the day enormously and anticipate that students will gain a great deal from it, giving them the opportunity to compete successfully in the UK and world’s increasingly demanding workplace.

School Closure Update : Mon 21st January 2013

I am pleased to advise you that school will be re-opening to staff and students in all year groups on Tuesday 22nd January and will open at the usual time.

As I am sure parents appreciate there is still a great deal of snow around and students will need to take care and behave appropriately on their journey to and from school and whilst on the school site to ensure the safety of other students, staff and the local community. There will be some changes to break and lunchtime arrangements because of the snow on site and details of these will be shared with students on Tuesday.   

Calendar Changes

We will have to re-schedule the Y9 Curriculum and Options Fair planned for Tuesday evening as parking on site for parents will be an issue. We will confirm the revised date for Year 9 parents on Tuesday 22nd January by text and through the website.

The Year 11 Maths mock has been re-scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday 24th Jan (pm) and mock exams that were cancelled on Friday 18th or Monday 21st  are also being re-scheduled. Staff will advise students of the revised dates and times for these mock examinations.


I am grateful to those staff who have enabled us to continue with the external examinations, particularly Mrs Riley, and to Mrs Cook and the site team (Tim, Jayson and Mick) who have worked hard to ensure that the school can re-open on Tuesday.


As always we welcome any parental comments or feedback on the arrangements we put in place to manage this difficult situation.


Christine Brown


School Closed : Monday 21st January 2013

Due to the ongoing poor weather conditions the decision has been made for the school to be closed on Monday 21st January.

Students with external examinations should attend their examinations as timetabled.

Any GCSE Mock examinations will be rescheduled.

School Closed : Friday 18th January 2013

Due to the poor weather conditions and the forecast for further snow, Ounsdale High School will be closed today (Friday 18th January 2013).

A Level examinations timetabled for today will continue as timetabled.

GCSE Mock Examinations timetabled for today (including Mathematics) have been postponed.

‘How Wide Is Your Stride’ Competition

During December, Miss Hodgetts ran the ‘How Wide Is Your Stride’ competition for KS3 students. Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 had to estimate the distance from Mrs Hodgetts office to the Dining Room. The winner of the competition was Brodie Gibbons (7.51) who won four cinema tickets. Congratulations!

End of Term Newsletter

On behalf of the staff and Governors we would like to wish students, parents and friends of the school a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We have produced our first e-newsletter, which replaces the traditional end of term Principal’s letter, which we hope you will enjoy.

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Ounsdale at Parliament

On Monday 10th December, Y12 & 13 Politics students visited Parliament. They began by having a question and answer session with the Rt. Hon. Gavin Williamson, the MP for South Staffordshire. The students asked some very challenging question which he answered honestly and with good humour. This was followed by a quick tour of Parliament, before the students went to watch a live debate in the House of Commons chamber. This was an invaluable experience which the students really enjoyed. Thanks to Gavin Williamson for arranging this for us!

Budding Business Students Captivate Customers

This Saturday, Ounsdale students wowed the people of Wolverhampton with their entrepreneurial talents at the Young Enterprise Trade Fair. The customers of the Mander Centre were impressed with our slick sixth formers’ professional party bag service, with many registering their interest. Meanwhile, demand was extremely high for the creative and original products offered by Captivate, our Year 10 company. Selling unique and original products made out of recycled bottles tops, they managed to sell a staggering £105 worth of goods. No doubt both groups will have made a positive impression on the judges in readiness for coming events in 2013.

Emergency School Closure Procedures : December 2012

How is the decision to close a school made?

Unlike some authorities, Staffordshire does not make a blanket decision to close all schools due to inclement weather.

The decision to close a school is made by the Principal in agreement with the Chair of Governors. They have to determine whether children and staff can travel safely to and from school and if the site will remain safe throughout the day.

To do this a risk assessment is conducted taking into account a range of factors including:

  • State of pathways, steps and slopes around the school
  • Condition of roads and pathways in the local area
  • If the schools heating, lighting and water is working correctly
  • Whether catering can be provided
  • Availability of public transport and school coaches
  • Weather forecast

It is recommended that a decision to close school is made as early as possible, in order to inform parents/carers.

Schools may also need to close due to other unforeseen circumstances such as heating failure, burst water pipe, etc.

New Process for Informing Parents

From November 2012 Staffordshire County Council new process has been introduced to publicise school closures.  This new process allows schools to update the county council’s web site in real time, allowing parents to get up to date information on their child’s school in the quickest way possible.  In addition, a smart phone version of the school closure list is also available for any parents on the move or without PC access.

School Process for Informing Parents and Carers

We will inform parents/carers at the earliest opportunity using the following:

  • The school text messaging service “Teachers2Parents”
  • Announcement on radio Free Radio (97.2 FM)
  • Message on school website
  • Message on school answer phone

OHS presents Annie

Ounsdale High School presents Annie

Wednesday 5th December
Thursday 6th December
Friday 7th December

Adults – £5.00
Concessions – £3.00

Tickets sold at break time & lunchtime in the reception

Tickets will also be sold on the door each evening of the production

Year 13 UCAS Parents Information Evening

The Year 13 UCAS Parents Information Evening will take place on Thursday 27th September at 6pm in the Sixth Form Centre. Parents of Year 13 students are invited to attend to find out more about the university application process, and how we will support your son / daughter through this.

Ounsdale Open Evening – 20th September 2012

We will be holding our Open Evening for prospective Year 7 students this week and invite parents and children from Year 6 to join us from 6:30 to 8:30pm. The evening is designed to give you an insight into the wealth of opportunities that Ounsdale provides and will include:

  • A welcome and introduction from the Principal and student representatives
  • Tours of the school to meet staff and see the school’s facilities
  • The chance to speak to students and staff about life at the school

In addition to attending the Open Evening, appointments can also be made to see the school in operation during a typical working day. Parents are welcome to contact reception on 01902 892178 or email us at to arrange a visit.

We hope that you can join us and we look forward to meeting you.

Celebrating Student Contributions to School Sport

The PE department are delighted to announce that the Ounsdale School Sports Awards will return for a second year in 2012. On October 8th, the fantastic achievements of our pupils in PE, Sport and Dance will be celebrated at Wombourne Civic Centre.

Awards will include the John Rothery Cup winners; A Level PE award, GCSE PE award; BTEC PE award, Dancer of the Year awards and overall Sports Person of the year; as well as Team of the Year as voted for by all pupils at Ounsdale.

The John Rothery Cup is awarded to the best boy and girl in each year group and as you can imagine there are many potential nominees in each year. The department would like to make clear that choosing the nominees for this award is an extremely difficult task and we regret that some pupils have inevitably missed out on a nomination by the narrowest of margins. We are lucky to have a great number of pupils who are in the running for a nomination, but ultimately we must pick the pupils who meet our criteria the closest:
• Attitude, effort and application in PE lessons
• Attendance to extra curricular school activities
• Representing the school
• Volunteering within school sport and PE

We are very proud of pupil achievements in their out-of-school activities and know that there are many students playing for clubs and societies in a wide range of sports. These are celebrated through the school newsletters whilst the School Sports Awards ceremony recognises achievements within Ounsdale.

Congratulations to all those who have been nominated for an award. All results will be announced on the night.

Please be aware that the awards start at 7:00pm and because of limitations with space are by invitation only.