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As parents know we expect all students to attend school during term time unless they are ill or there are exceptional circumstances that prevent them from attending. We do not authorise holidays during school time and where parents do request leave for holidays, absences are unauthorised. We also advise parents in the letter that we send in response to this request that they may be fined if they take their child out of school.

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School Attendance Information Letter

Attendance and Punctuality Policy and Procedures

Parents need to be aware that following changes to Staffordshire Attendance Policy the school’s process for implementing penalty notices changed from 20th April 2015 and this will have implications for parents who book holidays during term time.

  • The school should be telephoned on 01902 504939 (24hr voicemail) to speak to the Attendance Administrator who is available from 9:00 a.m. onwards.  Alternatively you could email on
  • If you have not been able to call the attendance line to report an absence then a letter must be sent into school and handed in to the Attendance Office and must signed by the parent. This should be sent with your child when they return giving the reason for absence
  • Unexplained or unauthorised absences are regarded as truancy
  • Medical and other appointments in school time should be avoided if at all possible. If a child has to leave school during the day they MUST sign out and sign back in again on their return. For us to authorise the appointment please hand a copy of the appointment letter or card into reception when signing your child out of school. We will NOT authorise a full day of absence for medical appointments unless you have evidence that a full day is needed.