School Life

School Expectations

At Wombourne we have high expectations of all students’ conduct and behaviour both in and out of lessons and details of positive and negative behaviours are recorded on ‘WISE’. All students are expected to meet our expectations. Those students who exceed these expectations are rewarded whilst those who fail to meet our expectations are sanctioned.

IN lessons we refer to our expectations as the O6

Students Should:

O1.     Arrive on time, in the correct uniform, with all equipment needed for your lesson.

(min. planner, pen, pencil, ruler, sci calculator, reading book, exercise book & homework)

O2.     Enter calmly, sit in their allocated seat, place their planner and equipment on their desk and
focus on the first task.

O3.     Follow and respect their teacher’s instructions – politely, at once, without fuss.

O4.     Stay on task, try their best and do not disturb the learning of others.

O5.     Respect the views and contributions of others, using appropriate language at all time.

O6.     Pack away when told to do so and wait to be dismissed.


OUT of Lessons Expectations (including walking to and from school and on the bus)

Students Should:

  1. Behave with respect to their peers, staff, visitors and members of the public at all times.
  2. Wear the correct uniform, with their shirt tucked in!
  3. Use appropriate language at all times.
  4. Use their mobile phone ONLY at allowed times and in allowed places.
  5. Comply with all requests from members of staff.
  6. Conduct themselves in a calm orderly and manner.
  7. Treat building and surrounding areas with respect – do not drop litter or graffiti.
  8. Treat others as they would like to be treated.
  9. Not eat in the corridors.
  10. Only use their allocated toilets at break times.

For full details of the school’s expectations, rewards and sanctions please see the Behaviour Policy below:

Wombourne Behaviour Policy