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Year 7 Student's First Half Term at School

Its been just over a month since we welcomed our new Year 7 students into our school and they have had a great start!

Two of our Year 7 students wanted to share with you their experience of starting Year 7 at Wombourne High School.

Harry - Year 7 Student
Its been about 6 weeks since I started high school and to be honest, it’s not that different from primary school, the only differences are the people, surroundings and subjects.
Walking to school
In the morning I get up at around 6:30, eat my breakfast and get ready for school. My Mom helps me to pack my bag with all of the books I need for that day and then I go to my friend’s house. Now that me and my friend are in High School we walk to school and meet our other friends on the way.
The campus
When you first see the school you might think it is big, but each subject has its own area and this makes it much easier to find lessons.
There are also sporting facilities that we use during PE lessons. These facilities include a gym, tennis courts and a swimming pool.
At break times my friends and I enjoy spending time in the quad surrounded by other students.
The school campus is spread out but not to the extent where it takes 5 minutes to get to and from lessons. The school has a massive quad and a new two-story block.

Chloe - Year 7 Student
Hi, my name is Chloe and I moved to Wombourne High School last year. I came from Straits Primary School along with two other people. As there was only the three of us I felt very nervous however, when I went to summer school (which was something we did instead of transition week) I made lots of new friends which helped calm my nerves.
On my first day at Wombourne High School, I had butterflies in my stomach due to the nerves and the excitement of being set new challenges. All of the teachers made me feel welcome and they gave me lots of support. I did get lost once, however the year 10s and 11s helped me find my way to the lesson. The older students are always around if you need help with anything. When you join in September you will be put into a tutor group where you will go to for registration. My tutor Mr Gubby is very helpful and supportive.
Secondary school is different to primary school as there are many students and more classrooms. In school you will need: a blue, black, green and purple pen, a glue stick, a ruler, a pencil, highlighters and some spares. When doing your homework teachers spread it out so you don’t have loads of homework on one day. Compared to primary school, I have so many more subjects like: food, technology and lots of science experiments!
There are loads of after school clubs like: woodwork, art, homework catch up, football, maths club and many more. Overall, so far, I enjoy science and maths because in science you do lots of cool experiments and in maths you can play fun maths related games on the computers.
I am really enjoying my time at Wombourne High School.

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