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Former Student Wins Undergraduate of the Year Award!

Last week we learned that Kathryn Moore, who attended Wombourne High School (then Ounsdale High School), from 2011-2016 had some very exciting news!

Currently, Kathryn is reading Russian and History at the University of Nottingham and is now on her year abroad in Estonia. At university, Kathryn has been involved in a range of extra-curricular activities, such as the East Midlands Universities Air Squadron, regularly volunteering as a telephone befriender for Age UK and she has been working at a local GP practice and mass vaccination site to aid with the COVID-19 vaccination programme. She has also been involved in three of the University of Nottingham’s employability activities: ‘The University of Nottingham’s Spring Internship Scheme’, the ‘Digital Marketing Academy’ and the ‘Nottingham Advantage Award’. These experiences have provided Kathryn with an unparalleled insight into working at SME’s, global corporations and charities. They have also allowed her to hone her foreign language skills, develop her leadership skills and have provided her with the opportunity to teach History and Russian in local primary schools in Nottingham.

Recently, Kathryn was awarded ‘The First-Generation Undergraduate of the Year Award 2021’. TARGETjobs ‘Undergraduate of the Year Awards’ is an annual competition aimed at finding the best undergraduates in the UK. Each award is partnered by a prominent graduate recruiter and this year the awards had more than 5,000 entries from 140 UK universities. Kathryn is particularly honoured to have been selected as the winner of this award because it aims to champion social mobility, a cause which she is particularly passionate about as a result of her own experiences. This award has enabled Kathryn to develop a range of new skills and she is really looking forward to her upcoming internship with HSBC.

Kathryn states that “Being a first-generation university student, I have always had the mentality that I need to work twice as hard to ensure that I can take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to me. I am grateful for all the help and support that I received whilst I was a pupil at Ounsdale High School and I am particularly thankful to three of my previous teachers (Mr Weatherhogg, Miss Dean and Miss Thandi) who really inspired me to pursue my goals”.

We have now proudly added Kathryn to our alumni gallery, her page can be found here:

Well done Kathryn, keep up t he great work!

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