Kiera’s Animal Rescue

Last week whilst on a short walk, Kiera came across an injured pigeon. It has clearly been attacked by something given the number of feathers it had lost which were all over the place and it had taken refuge under a nearby bush.

On closer inspection, Kiera found that the bird was still alive but unable to fly and it seemed to be in shock, so Kiera carefully wrapped it up in a coat and brought it home with them. She knew that she couldn’t leave him there as flightless birds will most certainly die in the wild (and likely under very horrible circumstances too)

When they got home, they placed him into a large box with the lid open – allowing him to fly off if able, but unfortunately, the pigeon didn’t move at all (nor make a sound). The bird simply lay there blinking at them. They didn’t want to mess with him too much as they knew he was likely in a lot of pain, so they simply soothed him with gentle strokes to his head, which he seemed to really appreciate. He didn’t try to peck at them or getaway so I think he understood that they were trying to help him.

They knew that he needed more help than the could give, but knowing that a vet would likely just put him to sleep, they didn’t want that to be their first option…so instead, they called around various animal rescue centres to see if they would take him and treat/rehabilitate him. All was looking lost when eventually one centre (Cuan Wildlife Rescue) said they’d take him in.

Kiera and her dad carefully padded the coat and put extra padding around the pigeon (to prevent too much movement on the journey) and then they made the trip to Shropshire with their new feathered friend to help him get the care and medical treatment he needed.

Sadly the pigeon died from his injuries the following day but they did all we could to save him. If nothing else, he was able to see his final hours out in peace and in caring hands instead of scared, alone and in pain.

Despite the outcome not being as they hoped, it wouldn’t stop them doing the same again. Over the years whilst growing up, Kiera has seen her family make other rescues to birds, hedgehogs and bees, but this was HER first active role in a rescue for herself and it meant a lot to her.

Whilst her dad called around the various rescue centres, Kiera stayed with the bird…gently talking to it and soothing it, ensuring it came to no further harm. She then wanted to take the bird to the rescue centre with her dad. It would seem she is a natural in wanting to help! We couldn’t be more proud! 🙂 She is sad the bird didn’t make it, but happy she did all she could to make his last hours more comfortable.

If anyone else should come across any orphaned/injured wildlife and you can’t deal with the situation yourselves, please do consider contacting this centre for help: They were amazing and they rely solely on donations!

Well done to Kiera for performing this thoughtful act of kindness and to her family for sending in this amazing story!