Absences During Term Time

As parents know we expect all students to attend school during term time unless they are ill or there are exceptional circumstances that prevent them from attending. We do not authorise holidays during school time and where parents do request leave for holidays, absences are unauthorised. We also advise parents in the letter that we send in response to this request that they may be fined if they take their child out of school.

Parents need to be aware that following changes to Staffordshire Attendance Policy the school’s process for implementing penalty notices will change from 20th April 2015 and this will have implications for parents who book holidays during term time.

Details of the background to the change and implications are explained in the attached letter from Anne Halliday, Staffordshire’s Commissioner for Education and Well Being.

Please click on the link below for more details:

Letter to parents absence policy update March 15

Exams and Masterclasses

As I know you will be aware the examination season is now upon us with students already involved in practical examinations. The Easter holidays are a key time for Year 11 students to undertake intensive, independent revision and we hope that your child will make good use of their two weeks off school to help boost their exam grades. Written examinations are also approaching fast and as we enter the final phase of our GCSE and BTEC programmes we want to make you aware of the arrangements that we have made to support your child during the remaining weeks. Lessons will continue after Easter until the timetable is modified to accommodate the written examinations.

Please click on the links below for more infomation:

Year 11 Exam Preparation – Letter to Parents 2015

Exams and masterclasses 2015

Summer 2015 GCSE exams



Gold Medalist Coming To Ounsdale

As an elite athlete Danielle Brown was not only being World Number 1 for her entire career as a Paralympian, but successfully made the crossover to the able-bodied field. Stress is something that Danielle knows a lot about and spent years producing results when she had to perform brilliantly.

 The similarities between sport and education are uncanny. Students work incredibly hard leading up to their exams and, in the same way as an athlete, are expected to perform on the day. Stress is an integral part of the exam period, but Danielle is now offering students a way to control their exam nerves so they reduce the risk of nerves negatively interfering with their exam performance.

Danielle Brown will be coming to Ounsdale High School on the 1st of May and will be providing a free inspirational talk to students preparing for their GCSEs and A Levels, offering them inspiration as well as one technique to help them control their nerves.