Exam Information

Year 8:

As you may have spotted in the student planner, Year 8 students are due to have school exams during the week beginning 30th June 2014.   The main purpose of these exams will be to give the students a chance to experience an intensive exam period which we hope will help prepare them for future exams.

Please click on the following link for more information regarding the Year 8 exams:

Y8 Exams Letter May 2014

Year 10:

The last half term of the year is going to be a busy time for Year 10. There are external Science examinations for most Y10 students and there will be mock GCSE examinations for everybody.

The links below contains timetables and information for all the Yr 10 exams:

Y10 Exam Letter May 2014

Y10 Exams June 2014

School Residential Visits 2014-15

At Ounsdale, we pride ourselves on offering our students a wide range of visits.  Sometimes these are part of the compulsory curriculum but more often they are experiences which enhance the curriculum without being an essential part of it.

 Please click on the following link for information about school residential visits that have happened in 2014-15. Details about 2015-16 vists will be available in the summer term.

2014-15 residentials