HMI Monitoring Visit December 2013

On Monday 16th December 2013 we received a monitoring visit from OFSTED HMI Kevin Sheldrick to review the progress we have made since the school was inspected in September 2013.  Mr Sheldrick was very positive about the improvements that we have made and has given details of what else we should do to support further improvement.

HMI stated that:

  • Senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the recent section 5 inspection.
  • There have been notable improvements in teachers’ marking.
  • Pupils were engaged in the lessons seen and teachers are using a wide range of activities to actively involve pupils in their learning.
  • The leaders responsible for improving teaching have an astute awareness of the issues that need to be addressed.
  • Assessment information is being used more effectively to hold leaders to account.
  • As a result of the out of lesson support provided by teaching assistants, special needs students have made impressive gains so their reading ages are now closer to their chronological ages.
  • The school was able to present very clear evidence that the gap in achievement between students’ eligible for free school meals and others is reducing because they are being much more carefully monitored.
  • The school’s improvement plan is comprehensive and contains many indicators that can be used to check regularly the progress being made.
  • The governing body has taken steps to improve its effectiveness and the minutes indicate that the governing body is asking more questions about key aspects of the work of the school.

We are committed to continuing the rapid pace of improvement at the school as set out in the OFSTED Action Plan and in particular are looking to ensure that:

  • Teaching consistently ensures pupils work at a fast pace
  • We set shorter term targets, particularly for students eligible for free school meals that demonstrate an expectation that these pupils will make good progress
  • The governing body has access to an independent source of advice

We will continue to update parents about the impact of the actions we are taking to support the school’s improvement and as always welcome any comments or feedback that parents wish to make.

Christine Brown


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HMI Monitoring Visit 16th Dec 2013