Post 18 Futures Day Success

On Thursday 14th February, Ounsdale Year 12 students attended RAF Cosford for the first annual Post 18 Futures Day. On hand were over 20 providers from a range of universities, colleges and business to provide students with mock interviews and an exciting range of seminar options. Students commented how useful the day had been for them, especially commenting upon the feedback they received as part of the application and interview process. Providers were impressed with the mature approach adopted by the students, and the high quality of their applications / interviews.

Thank you to all of the providers who attended, the staff of RAF Cosford for helping the event run smoothly, and the students who took the event incredibly seriously and made the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Response to food supply concerns

As you may already be aware the school’s catering contract is operated by Staffordshire County Council and we have received the following information from them regarding concerns about possible contamination.

County Council Seeks Assurances on Food Supplies

Staffordshire County Council:

We are very aware in Catering Services the concerns of parents and staff of the recent issue relating to the contamination of horse meat within certain branded products.

Cllr Mark Winnington, Cabinet Member for Environment and Assets for Staffordshire County Council has sent out a press release on the subject as below:

Staffordshire County Council has gained assurances from its catering suppliers that meals served in schools and care establishments are not affected by meat contamination.

Following extensive media coverage of beef products contaminated with horse and other types of meat, the County Council acted swiftly to confirm that its services are unaffected.

Cllr Mark Winnington, Cabinet Member for Environment and Assets on Staffordshire County Council, said:

“People should have absolute confidence in what they are eating. As soon as we saw stories about contaminated meat, we contacted our suppliers to ensure that the County Council’s catering services were not affected.

“We have had assurances from all of our suppliers that neither they, nor their own suppliers buy beef products from those companies implicated in recent reports. However, we will continue to seek a cast iron guarantee on the quality and origin of the food we buy.

“It is our policy that where possible we source meat and other products from Staffordshire suppliers – in a current pilot over 20% of our schools are currently buying their meat from Staffordshire farms ensuring we get a high quality product, we know exactly where our meat comes from and in the process, we support the local economy. We hope to extend this pilot to all of our schools.

“In the meantime, our contracts with food suppliers continue to demand that they have comprehensive systems in place to show where all of their products come from.”

Staffordshire County Council supplies meals to 87% of schools in the county.


Ounsdale Sixth Form : Post 18 Futures Event – 14th February 2013

We are pleased to announce that Ounsdale students in Year 12 will be participating in a Post 18 Futures Day, to be held at RAF Cosford on Thursday 14th February 2013. Students will have the opportunity to experience a ‘real-life’ interview conducted by university admissions tutors, potential employers, or police force recruitment officers. After their interview students will receive both verbal and written feedback to help them prepare for their future beyond the Sixth Form. In addition to this students will attend seminar sessions on a wide variety of topics including GAP years, apprenticeships, ‘how to write a brilliant personal statement’ and the benefits of attending university. We are looking forward to the day enormously and anticipate that students will gain a great deal from it, giving them the opportunity to compete successfully in the UK and world’s increasingly demanding workplace.