Wizard Of Oz Review by the cast

After performing Wizard of Oz last week from Wednesday 30th November to Friday 2nd December audiences left with a warm feeling inside, reminiscent of their childhood memories of the magical journey down the yellow brick road.  The cast and musicians of 50 students from Year 7 Munchkins to Year 13 Performing Arts filled the stage with energy, effervescence and colour. Year 12 Performing Arts students have expressed just how much fun and excitement taking part in the production has been, saying, “It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We feel proud, happy and gained lots of confidence, skill and new friends.”

Lauren Mulvihill who played Dorothy has said, “I have gained more confidence, especially in singing and before I would never have sung on stage on my own. We have become very close as friends. I feel very proud of myself because Dorothy is the main character and I wanted to portray her with all the right characteristics and gain a connection with the audience. I feel that I played the character the way I wanted to with the support and encouragement from the rest of cast and staff.”

Sam George who played Scarecrow states, “It was an unforgettable experience because it was a lot of fun to play an iconic character. The production is the best performance I have ever been in. I have gained some more confidence and skills in acting, dancing and singing. I have grown closer to the other cast members. It has taken me another step closer to my dream of becoming a professional performer.”

Ryan Wall who played Tinman expresses, “It has been an exhilarating experience going out and performing each night. I felt so happy performing in front of the audience, who lit up and gave such great reactions to the characters and the story, which in turn gave me lots of confidence to perform to the highest standard that I felt I could. We have bonded almost like a close family which has improved relationships with other actors on stage. I feel it has given me the skills to help me in my ambition to become a professional performer when I leave school.”

Ellie Clarke who played Cowardly Lion says, “I have really enjoyed playing such a funny role. The character is so over-the-top and I had fun seeing the other characters react to me on stage. I got a buzz from the audience’s reactions too. We use lots of energy to act the roles and it was also very hot in the Lion costume.”

Grant Starr who played The Wizard of Oz has said, “It was amazing and I’d love to do it again. We have become like a tight-knit family and I will be sad next year when I leave and have to say goodbye to all my friends.”

Charlotte Bell who played Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, has exclaimed, “It was a wonderful first experience of musical theatre and performing in a well-known classic story. It was nice to play a good character and have the contrast from the Wicked Witch of the West and use more exaggerated acting styles. I have gained the confidence to perform in this style of theatre and to sing alone on stage, which initially was quite nerve-wracking. It was interesting working with the younger pupils and it has helped me with my career of becoming a Primary school teacher.

Ruth Kennedy who played The Wicked Witch of the West has said, “It was an amazing production to be part of. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I wish I could do it all again. It has been lovely working with so many different ages of pupils and the team work of everyone has helped the show to come together effectively.”

Ounsdale goes spotty (and potty!) for Children in Need.

Ounsdale students went that extra mile to support Children in Need on Friday 18th November, raising almost £900. Sixth form students organised the events which included ‘own clothes day’, cake sales, how many balloons in the car, Strictly come dancing in the playground with Jamal (Mr Connelly’s body popping was out danced by Mrs Hodgetts’ Tango). Many students entered into the spirit of the day by spending time finding ideas for fancy dress. What a brilliant end to the week. Thank you and well done to all those who contributed to the day.

Ounsdale Students ‘box clever’ for Charity

The Shoe Box appeal for Christmas 2011 was a great success. Our young people managed to wrap and pack 59 shoe boxes that were picked up on Monday November 21st. This year all shoe boxes from the Wolverhampton area are being sent toSerbia. Year 7 pupils filled 40 of these boxes. A pupil in Year 8, Grace Tomlinson and her brother, Jack in Year 9, brought in 8 boxes that many members in their family had contributed to. All shoe boxes were filled in pupils’ own time. Miss Newall’s tutor group, 7.13, filled the most boxes out of all the year 7 tutor groups, and were supported by Mrs Brotherton. A very big ‘Well done’ and ‘thank you’ to all those pupils who took part.

The pupils in the photo are Finn Trice and Kayla Turner from 7.13, Grace Tomlinson, 8.12 and Emma Kerry, 11.34.