The Curriculum 2018-19

The school has a talented team of specialist staff and through its commitment to effective recruitment and training, is continually working to promote high quality teaching and learning within and beyond the classroom. This enables us to provide exciting and challenging opportunities for each child to develop their learning and creative abilities. In addition to developing specialist subject knowledge, students are also encouraged to acquire transferable learning skills that can be applied across different subject areas.

Choices for Life, RE and PE are seen as essential components of the school’s broad and balanced curriculum and along with tutorials, assemblies and the extra-curricular programme, are important in supporting students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. The curriculum also develops students’ understanding of fundamental British values and provides opportunities for students to appreciate the importance of good behaviour, physical, mental and personal well-being and keeping themselves safe.

The curriculum offered in Years 7-11 is designed to meet the needs of the individual student and supports and challenges each one to fulfil their potential. Within each subject the knowledge, skills and understanding required for each aspect of learning is presented with the work increasing in challenge and difficulty as the student progresses through the subject from Year 7 to Year 11. The curriculum is matched to the new 9-1 grades for GCSE and supports student progress towards achieving the best grade that they can by the end of Year 11.

Within each subject a variety of assessments are used to determine what students know, understand and can apply in terms of their learning and this information is used by staff to stretch and challenge those who are fulfilling or exceeding their potential and support those who may be struggling.

Parents and students are able to track progress through the curriculum using the school’s on-line virtual learning environment WISE. The information provided via WISE gives a clear indication of what students can and cannot do in each subject as well as signposting additional support and resources to help students address any gaps or misconceptions.