School Life



A rucksack or plastic carrier bag is useful for games clothes to keep them separate from text books. It is suggested that any bag bought for carrying books should be one which has two straps and is worn on the back with the straps on both shoulders.

Mandatory Items:

 Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Eraser, Compass, Calculator and a School Bag.

Desirable Items:

 Pencil Case, Coloured Pencils and a Small Dictionary.

Protective Clothing:

It is essential that an overall or apron is worn for lessons in the Design and Technology Department and these are provided by the school.

Mobile Phones:

Students are allowed to bring their mobile phones into school but there are strict guidelines regarding their use and all students must follow the Invictus Mobile Phones Policy.
As technology advances at a rapid rate we also have to amend our policies to keep pace. We have already seen students with smart watches in school. As these carry much of the same functionality as mobile phones, we will treat them in the same way where their use is distracting students from effective learning. In formal assessments, internal or external examinations smart watches must be switched off and handed in or left in bags.
As we cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to any personal equipment or possessions, we strongly advise students against bringing valuable items into school.

MP3 player and iPods:

All of these items are banned and we would request that you do not allow your child to bring them into school.